Asianet News Media & Entertainment is now Asianxt Digital Technologies

The rebranding is a strategic move to reinforce the company’s tech and digital-first DNA.

Asianet News Media & Entertainment, a pan-India media-tech player, has announced its rebranding to Asianxt Digital Technologies. The rebranding is a strategic move to reinforce the company’s tech and digital-first DNA as it embarks on expanding into new products and markets. The transformation also reflects the company's commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the evolving media landscape and serving its diverse audiences with innovative content. 

Asianxt’s flagship platforms include, a multilingual digital news and entertainment hub catering to audiences in 8 languages. The company also owns Asianet News Network, featuring news brands such as Asianet News (Malayalam), Asianet Suvarna News (Kannada) and the Kannada Prabha daily. Complementing its news offerings, Asianxt also has in its portfolio, the international music brand that has a significant following in key markets like Bangalore, Goa and beyond.

As part of this comprehensive transformation, Asianxt has unveiled a new brand logo and identity. This logo serves as a symbol of the company's renewed focus on pioneering the future of media-tech. With this rebranding, Asianxt will continue to provide comprehensive coverage of news, entertainment and events across the globe, even as it embraces a fresh perspective that aligns with the changing needs of its audience. 

Neeraj Kohli, CEO of Asianxt Digital Technologies, shared his insights on this transformative journey, stating, "Our vision is to serve content across audiences, agnostic of any platform, language and geography. With Asianxt, we aim to transcend barriers and offer diverse and engaging content to global consumers. This rebranding is a strategic move towards realizing that vision. We are confident that our renewed focus on technology and digital-first values will resonate with our audiences and stakeholders alike."

Rajesh Kalra, executive chairman of Asianxt Digital Technologies, echoed this sentiment, adding, "This is a pivotal moment for us as it is a reflection of our commitment to embracing a digital-first future. As Asianxt, we aim to continue to push boundaries and set new standards for journalism. We are excited about the possibilities this transformation opens up for us and our audiences."

(We got this information in a press release.)

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