Audible is offering 7 free and exciting podcasts from OfSpin Media Friends for listeners in India

The podcasts, launched this year span diverse themes of love, crime, drama, thriller, humour and more.

Audible, the leading producer and provider of original spoken-word entertainment, announced OfSpin Media Friends, a major audio content company’s latest collection of seven new podcasts which will be available free for all listeners, exclusively on Audible.

These include a brand new podcast Kaafi Single - a raw, funny, and equally hard-hitting podcast about being single in India. Hosted by Aarti Dharampuriya, the podcast features renowned guests including leading names like Leeza Mangaldas, India's foremost sex-positive content creator, Chetna Chakravarthy, a wellness coach who empowers individuals with practical and sustainable approaches to transform their lives, Pooja Sukhwani, a renowned name in the body positivity coach community and Alaokika Motwane, India's leading psychotherapist. The podcast discusses relevant topics and situations, with singles across the country from different age groups and gender orientations, such as attending weddings while being single, Bollywood and its influence on romance, friends with benefits, self-pleasure, and dating across generations, among others.

While talking about the podcast, Aarti Dharampuriya, digital creator and host, says, “Kaafi single for me initially was an outlet to express everything that I was going through as a single girl in my late twenties! But eventually, I feel what it became was a safe space where single people could come together and really bare it all! This podcast is full of deep, therapeutic conversations with single Indians about love, relationships, heartbreaks and navigating the ever-confusing world of modern dating!”

The eclectic collection of seven podcasts also includes:

  1. A gripping thriller, Play. Pause. Murder, which takes listeners through the story of a gruesome murder in a swanky Mumbai neighbourhood and keeps listeners hooked until the very end. This show is available in Hindi and English.

  2. Another crime thriller titled Inspector JK explores the journey of the titular character, Inspector JK and Sub-Inspector Patil, who are on a quest to find a mysterious serial killer.

  3. Apart from the brooding mysteries, there is a contemporary romance show titled Zindagi Bizzare Hai, a 24 episode podcast, that brings to life the story of Rehan, an aspiring writer who wants to share the story of his childhood love with the world.

  4. Then there is Pintu, Mummy Aur Bhopu, a humorous adventure about finding different pieces of a lost historical artifact that Pintu and his father embark upon, telling us a bit about India’s history in the process.

  5. And to round it all off, Dasna Naresh, a show about Naresh, a new inmate of the ficticious Dastaan jail, who tells tall tales for recognition and survival, only to find himself in a fix when the tales start to come true!

"OfSpin has been in love with Audio since 2004, and with this latest collection of 7 shows, we've used every bit of that love and experience to find the best creators, the best directors, and the best talent that the Indian Audio space has to offer. We trust that the shows will lead to many listeners falling in love with audio. Our suite of shows and IP is now an eclectic and powerful mix." says Siddhanta Pinto, founder, OfSpin Media Friends.

While talking about the launch announcement, Shailesh Sawlani, VP and country GM, Audible India, said, "This collection of 7 podcasts from OfSpin will offer listeners an abundant range of engaging, compelling, and screen-free listening material across relatable and riveting themes of love, laughter, crime and drama. We look forward to continuing our association with Ofspin Media Friends in the future and can't wait to hear the response to this collection of podcasts and audioshows"

(We got this information in a press release).

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