Bank of Baroda launches song to spread ‘Melody of Togetherness’

This music is an endeavor to re-establish trust in a superior tomorrow, through guaranteeing better practices today.

The recent global pandemic has altered/transformed the world of several businesses and banking is no different. Over the years, Banks have become an integral part of our lives, owing to the personalised nature of the services offered. Since the onset of the lock down, customers have had a restricted interaction with everyone, by swiftly embracing Work From Home as a first time practice.

It is this, that prompted one of the largest Indian banks to connect with, and spread the message of positivity & unity across their family of 130+ crore Indians with the launch of a song titled, ’The Melody of togetherness’

An attempt to reinstate hope for a better tomorrow, through ensuring better practices today.

As music is the best way to connect with people, Bank of Baroda has brought together eminent figures from the entertainment industry such as Gajendra Verma, Jonita Gandhi, Tabassum Govil, Karishma Govil, Vatsal Sheth and Ishita Dutta and creating a melodious harmony that urges everyone to stay away but stay connected and tackle the pandemic in unison.

The core communication revolves around the opening lines, “Yeh waqt bahut mushkil hi sahi, lekin hum isse jeetenge” translating to "These times maybe tough, but we shall emerge victorious”

The video ends with crucial social messages of ‘Vocal for Local’, ‘Stay Safe’ and ‘Social Distancing’ which are all needs of the hour.

(We got this information from a press release.)