‘Be a sparkle with ZING’ and volunteer to mentor under-resourced children and young adults

This program will offer a safe environment for one-on-one communication between mentors and mentees to share knowledge.

With Diwali around the corner, ZING, youth’s favorite channel, announces a heartwarming campaign, ‘Be a sparkle with Zing’ that urges individuals to 'gift' their time by being mentors to those in need.

The drive aims to enrich the lives of under-resourced youth, who lack the support in their crucial years of growth. Volunteers will get a chance to mentor one child or young adult and guide them with respect to developing their social skills, focus on life, career, among others. ZING has tied up with NGOs — The Lighthouse Project, Mentor Together, Antarang Foundation and Katalyst India to help connect under-resourced youths to their perfect mentors. Individuals can register via this link to initiate their mentorship journey:

This program will offer a safe environment for one-on-one communication between mentors and mentees to share knowledge, understanding and thoughts which will help the mentees to grow, and become socially aware individuals. Through this program, Zing is trying to educate the youth about mentoring, and bring them together to lead the change at these NGOS, who play an instrumental role in instilling a positive attitude amongst their beneficiaries, making them socially aware and preparing them for the future.

Speaking about this campaign, Pankaj Balhara, chief channel officer, Music Cluster adds, “Zing, as a brand, believes in consumer centricity and always tries to connect and engage with the youth while making a difference in their lives. Diwali is the perfect occasion to initiate a campaign to take our ideologies forward. We wanted to inspire the youth about the importance of giving back to the society by volunteering, and how this can be a learning opportunity for all. With ‘Be a sparkle with ZING’ campaign, we desire to motivate adults to be the guiding light in the lives of under-resourced children and young adults, who seek support, and most importantly direction in terms of their career. For this initiative, we are glad to have joined hands with purpose-driven NGOs like The Lighthouse Project, Mentor Together, Antarang Foundation and Katalyst India. With this campaign, we are hoping to educate about mentoring & encourage everyone to volunteer. A small contribution in terms of time can go a long way in adding a sparkle to the lives of these kids and contribute towards building a brighter future for them.”

Sharing his thoughts about the association, Myron Anthony, Program Director at The Lighthouse Project said, “Through our work, we have always strived to motivate individuals to come forward to volunteer their time for our mentorship programme that see both mentor and mentee gain new perspectives from each other and contribute to each other's lives. Looking to make a difference, we are glad to associate with a likeminded platform like Zing, who will help us encourage volunteering by youth”

Poorvi Shah, CEO, Katalyst India added, “It is always great to see a purpose-driven brand that believes in the same cause as you. It is indeed a great opportunity to be associated with Zing’s campaign ‘Be a Sparkle with ZING’. We look forward to connecting with more working professionals, individuals who would come forward and join Katalyst's mentorship program.”

So, this year, ZING welcomes everyone to celebrate a different Diwali by being a sparkle to those lives that need it the most. With some time investment, the registered individuals can become the crusaders of positive change in our society. Come, join hands with ZING!

(We got this information in a press release).