Bonn relaunches its range of breads & improved packaging in Delhi NCR to consolidate brand identity

Bonn aims to maintain a CAGR of 30 to 35 percent per year.

Bonn, a leading food company famous for its top-quality baked products, has recently revamped it's range of breads & bakery products including Brown bread, Atta bread Multi-Grain bread, White bread, Milk Pav, Pizza Base etc. They will come encased in a brand new look and improved packaging in the Delhi and Delhi NCR region, in view of consolidating the brand’s identity. The new packaging incorporates many major design alterations inclusive of vibrant colours and a stripes pattern on the front panel that gives the entire bread range a premium appeal. The new design elements will be displayed across the entire product portfolio. Bonn expects this transition to a stronger brand identity and packaging to help them reach almost 2 times post-launch revenue in the future, aiming to touch Rs 1,000 crore turnover in next 1-2 years.The Delhi NCR market for bread and bakery has grown significantly post COVID and Bonn managed to be in top 3 bakery brands. The company's expected growth rate will increase to 30%. Post-covid the size of Delhi NCR market grew remarkably because the demand for hygienically packed food increased. According to the recent data, approx. 12-15 lakh loaves per day are produced.

Director, Bonn Group of Industries, Amrinder Singh says, “At Bonn, we have been aggressively expanding our manifesto, portfolio and operations this fiscal based on our research of the Delhi market and the demand and supply of breads and other baked goods. Based on this, we decided to introduce an improved bread and bakeryrange to match the changing demand of the new-age consumers. With our premium range of healthy breads, we will be catering to the needs of every age group and also for health conscious people. Be it Bonn’s white bread for the kids and youngsters or Bonn’s garlic bread for those with an international flavour palette, we have something for everyone. We are expecting 2x in revenue growth after this launch as we are aggressively marketing for it. We have built a strong ATL and BTL team that understands the market and the masses’ needs. Also, with the increase in the disposable income of people and the availability of our products on e-commerce platforms, we have currently observed a double-digit growth.”

“Besides that, our plans also included the consolidation of our brand identity across the entire bread range. As a baked products company, we understand the importance of good packaging and know how outdated packaging can hamper product sales. Hence, we also decided to upgrade our packaging to bring about a fresh, uniform, and premium appeal to the entire range. Other than offering stronger brand identity, the packaging also brings about stronger brand recall is a happy bonus,” Amrinder adds. “We believe this change will also align our consumers to our new plans for the future. This is the future in which we envision growing at a CAGR of 30 to 35% year-on-year growth.”

This announcement comes at a pivotal moment in Bonn’s journey as the group aims to accelerate their growth in a sustainable fashion. Bonn’s 4 core strengths include their focus on Quality, Reach, Technology and Innovation, and that’s the strategy they continue to perpetuate across Delhi and the Delhi NCR region. Earlier this year, The Bonn Group had appointed actress Sonam Bajwa as the brand ambassador for its Americana range of premium biscuits and had also expanded its biscuits portfolio. This is in line with the company’s expansion plans for the fiscal, which the company will reveal at the right time.

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