Brainly is redefining Indian education, one question at a time!

Catering to around 55 MN students, experts and parents every month, the platform allows immediate doubt solving to assist children with their daily learning needs.

For India’s 264 MN school going children, doubt solving is an intrinsic aspect of their learning process. Every student has a unique question or need that satiates their understanding and curiosity. However, an existing pupil-teacher ratio of 47:1 in senior secondary schools across India indicates a dearth in resources to ensure concept clearance. Making it worse, the pandemic has widened this gap further with many students losing access to basic education. As an online learning platform, Brainly fits right in this white space and is trying to reshape the norms of modern day education in India.

With a Knowledge Base of around 48MN across all school subjects and grades, Brainly learning app has cemented itself as India’s No 1 doubt solving platform over the last two years. With technology emerging as the biggest enabler for education during the pandemic, it ushered in a huge potential for EdTech platforms to innovate and make remote learning a reality, not just in metros but even in India’s smaller towns and cities. As schools reopen worldwide, more than 90% of students today believe that online education will continue to supplement traditional classroom learning. Parents and teachers are now cognisant of the benefits of online education and are increasingly siding with a hybrid approach that broadens learning possibilities for students, making them pursue education differently.

This poses an opportunity that Brainly aims to ride on. Catering to around 55 MN students, experts and parents every month, the platform allows immediate doubt solving to assist children with their daily learning needs. Students are exposed to top educators, high-quality content and an exhaustive knowledge reserve encompassing state board and NCERT books, textbooks, exam preparation content, video-based lessons and other resources, free of cost. Moving forward, Brainly plans to launch interesting tutoring features on the platform to create a more personalized and interactive learning experience.

Needless to say, the ability to customize and design an immersive environment have been the biggest perks of online learning that will spiral the sector further in future. And like all major industries, the next phase of growth in Indian EdTech will also be enabled by the vernacular. Over 500 MN households of emerging middle-class families in tier 2 and 3 cities will headline the growth of the K12 EdTech. This in turn will mean increased adoption of vernacular edtech in India and ‘language’ emerging as a tenet for academic excellence.

Brainly has cemented its position well to address this cultural diversity. On the platform, its Knowledge Base is available across several Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Bengali, and Sanskrit. More languages are expected to be added in the portfolio in the near future to offer students across geographies an improved access to learning and thereby accomplish Brainly’s vision of democratizing quality education for all.

However, the road ahead for Indian EdTech is not all things shiny. Infrastructural challenges, dearth of digitally literate teachers, the economic divide are some of the hazards that continue to plague the sector. Poor internet connectivity, particularly in India’s smaller towns and cities is a hindrance to innovation-driven learning. But Brainly is trying to make a difference with its features like Community Q & A, Math Solver and Textbook Solutions that work well even on low bandwidth. On the platform, answers provided by the experts are stored on the profile page of the users so that they can be accessed whenever required.

In the National Education Policy 2020, the government has recognized the relevance of technology in education and the massive opportunity that EdTech promises today. Digital tools have not only made education in India interesting but also ensured equality and diversity. Going forward, personalized or one-on-one engagement will need to scale up further to deliver impact. If there’s an opportune moment to witness the impact of technology in learning, it is now. And as a platform with the right tools for the right audience and a long term vision to redefine education in India, Brainly is here to stay ahead of the curve, one question at a time.

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