Brand Street Integrated’s OOH division executes major projects for Tata Stryder and Kenstar

It has deployed hoardings in Jamnagar, Bangalore, and Kolkata for Tata Stryder while Kenstar campaign featured billboards across Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Brand Street Integrated, a comprehensive integrated marketing agency, spotlights its OOH (Out-of-Home) division, led by industry veteran Leena Sharma and supported by Rajat Chakravarty, business director - West (Mumbai). Under their expert guidance, the OOH division has successfully executed numerous campaigns, enhancing the agency's reputation as a comprehensive marketing solutions provider.

Leena Sharma, with her extensive experience and visionary approach, has been instrumental in driving the OOH division to new heights. Rajat Chakravarty, known for his strategic insights and regional expertise, plays a crucial role in managing and expanding OOH operations in the western region. Their combined leadership has ensured that Brand Street Integrated’s OOH campaigns are visually striking and also strategically positioned to maximise brand visibility and engagement.

Latest Projects: Tata Stryder and Kenstar

Brand Street Integrated’s OOH division recently completed a series of impactful campaigns for Tata Stryder, deploying visually captivating hoardings and billboards across key cities such as Jamnagar, Bangalore, and Kolkata. These campaigns have significantly bolstered Tata Stryder's brand presence, reaching a wide and diverse audience.

In another project, Brand Street Integrated executed a successful OOH campaign for Kenstar. The campaign featured striking hoardings and billboards across Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, capturing the attention of local consumers and driving brand awareness to new levels.

The OOH division focuses on creating immersive and impactful brand experiences that resonate with audiences. With an approach that combines creative excellence with strategic planning, ensuring that each campaign delivers maximum ROI for clients.

“At Brand Street Integrated, our goal is to create OOH campaigns that not only catch the eye but also engage and resonate with the audience,” said Leena Sharma, head of the OOH division at Brand Street Integrated. “The success of our recent projects with Tata Stryder and Kenstar showcases our commitment to delivering innovative and effective outdoor advertising solutions. We are excited to continue expanding our OOH services and helping brands connect with their audiences in impactful ways.”

Rajat Chakravarty, business director - West (Mumbai), brings a wealth of regional knowledge and strategic acumen to the OOH division. His efforts in managing and expanding OOH operations in the western region have been pivotal in executing successful campaigns and enhancing regional outreach. “Our OOH campaigns are designed to strategically maximize brand visibility and engagement,” said Rajat Chakravarty. “The team aims to deliver high-impact OOH solutions that drive brand recognition and consumer connection across diverse markets.”

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