Brands leveraging data and insights to achieve excellence in purpose-driven marketing campaigns

Recently, a leading consumer health brand commissioned Sportz Village Xp for an exclusive study to drive participation of young girls in cricket.

With consumers increasingly buying brands that genuinely align to a social purpose, brand leaders are consciously engaged in driving purpose-led marketing campaigns that not only help brands buy consumer mindshare but also drive measurable impact in the society. To achieve this, primary social insights and data can really help in determining underlying societal concerns that can be further addressed through action-led campaigns. Recently, India’s leading consumer health brand commissioned a premier sports marketing agency Sportz Village Xp to conduct an exclusive study on the current state of women in sports and to encourage participation of young girls in a popular team sport like cricket.

The study conducted by Sportz Village Xp found out eye-opening realities and challenges faced by girls in sports and stated recommendations to address the problem though brand-led campaign or activation. Social stigma, lack of financial and emotional support, fear of embarrassment, lack of adequate facilities and teams, fewer opportunities, and physical discomfort or pain are the major reasons restricting the girls from participating in sports or making a sports career.

“It is very thoughtful of a brand to really delve into a cause like Women in Sports. It demonstrates a brand’s sincere intention to promote girls in sports by stepping up beyond traditional sports marketing approach of sponsoring or buying a media space in mega sporting events. We have been creating grassroot sports opportunities and tournaments in association with brands, using sport as a medium to engage with consumers. And this is truly a welcome marketing trend where a brand really invests in finding a purpose through a data-led study and drive actions to achieve larger goals.” said Parminder Gill, chief business officer, Sportz Village Xp.

The insights generated from this study will help the brand to align with core brand values and inspire more girls to play through campaigns, brand communication and on-ground activation. The opportunity can be translated into creating grassroot sports programs for girls, hosting girls-only tournaments, advocating sports-specific fitness program as a part of physical education in schools, mentoring up-and-coming woman in the field or creating fan engagement platforms for female fans.

“We have worked leading brands to engage lakhs of children and youth across India through immersive school contact programs, sponsorship activation, sports properties, leagues and grassroot sports development programs. Boostcamp, Red Bull Shuttle Up, Star Sports KBD Juniors, Adidas ‘The Unfair Tournament’, Reliance Foundation Youth Sports, NBA Dribble-A-Thon, NBA ACG Jump, Tata Tea Self-defence program Suraksha, Hot Wheels Labs, Nestlé Milo National Quiz, Škoda Single Wicket Tournament, Mattel Scrabble Championship - to name a few. Now, this is one-of-a-kind study that will not only guide us in addressing key concerns for girl participation in popular sports like cricket, but also establish brand’s stand on gender equity in all spheres of public life. Purpose-driven marketing campaigns are a great way to engage better with consumers and help brands essay their responsibility better.” said Parminder Gill.

(We got this information in a press release).

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