Brooke Bond Taj Mahal launches ‘Sur Ke Saath’ e-concert

Featuring promising & talented artists, the magic of live classical music is now being replicated through a specially curated set of soulful Indian Ragas created for and streamed on Facebook.

Brooke Bond Taj Mahal, the premium tea brand recently launched the concept of live online Indian classical music concerts featuring gifted Indian classical musicians serenading audiences with specially curated compositions from the confines of their homes. These live performances being showcased on ‘Sur Ke Saath’, are being streamed on the official Taj Mahal Tea page on Facebook.

Due to the current nationwide lockdown, Indian classical musicians across the geography were looking for opportunities to continue performing for their audiences. Their limitless passion to deliver symphonies to the living rooms of their audiences prompted Brooke Bond Taj Mahal to extend its 30-year old association with Classical Musicians to create ‘Sur Ke Saath’, a line-up of 24 artists performing live over two months.

This unique initiative is also being supported by Nirali Kartik who came on-board and helped in curating for the weekly performances. Nirali is one of India’s popular Hindustani Classical Vocalist and the Brand Ambassador for Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea.

Shiva Krishnamurthy, Vice President, Tea & Foods (HUL) said, “Brooke Bond Taj Mahal’s purpose is to champion Indian Classical Music. Taj Mahal tea has always been associated with Indian Classical Music and has promoted it through some memorable and iconic advertising for over three decades. During the lockdown, classical musicians and classical music aficionados are not being able to experience the joy of live classical music performances. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal tea believes that “the show must go on” and is proud to present “Sur ke Saath”, a series of live Indian Classical Music content on digital platforms of Facebook. Our endeavour is to urge people to support Indian Classical Music by coming to Taj Mahal Tea’s Facebook page every Sunday morning at 10 am. We hope that Brooke Bond Taj Mahal’s Sur ke Saath will make people say “Wah Taj!”

Added Nirali, “Since the beginning of time, classical music and ragas have formed the base for music across genres including pop and Bollywood, which has in-turn made them an integral part of our lives and kept us tied to our roots. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal ‘Sur ke Saath’ is an incredible initiative to support these artists. I am grateful to be associated with it and I look forward to the audiences also extending their supporting during the upcoming episodes.”

The Raga themed virtual concerts are performed by Classical Musicians every Sunday at 10 am @TajMahalTea Facebook page. The Raga selection is based on popular music that has the raga as a base, with each artist performing the pure renditions of the raga.

Brooke Bond Taj Mahal ‘Sur ke Saath’ entertained its listeners with three artists on Sunday, June 21.

1) Nabeel Khan performed Raag Desh on his sarangi.

2) Followed by Radhika Parikh, who performed Raag Pooriya Dhanashree

3) Anupama Bhagawat who ended the session with her performance of Raag Bhairavi

(We got this information from a press release.)