Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti 2022

Cadbury Dairy Milk Gaane Mishti Season 1 saw its success through the engagement and acceptance amongst the people of Bengal. The Music lovers of Bengal and the mishti lovers had given a overwhelming response to Gaane Mishti Season 1. Hence the concept this year is to create something new and interesting for the people of Bengal.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Gaane Mishti 2.0 brings in Jugalbandi of popular songs sung by popular artists of Bengal.

This time 8 fusion songs has been created combining a popular Bengali song with another popular folk song of Bengal. All songs are presented as duet songs. Like Cadbury and the traditional mishti of Bengal has blended together to create a unique concept of Cadbury Mishti, similarly a perfect mix of music and songs has been created this year with Cadbury Gaane Mishti Jugalbandi, the most popular choice for the people of Bengal.

Over the years renowned and popular mishti brands of the state have been associated with Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti. They have come up with innovative mishtis in the theme of the campaign. This season they are creating mishtis basis the theme of the songs.

More than 80 outlets are associated this year who will be creating mishtis on the theme of the above songs. The mishti and music lovers can vote for their favourite Mishti along with the song.

The Mishti brands has been divided in 8 groups who would compete with each other to grab the title of ‘The Most Popular Gaane Mishti’. The 6-weeks long program will also have a locality based music and mishti quiz called Gaane Bhora Mishti Para quiz at select neighbourhoods (paras).

The sweet lovers can share their innovative and interesting recipes at 98314 03334 through Whatsapp.

The best ones gets an opportunity to win gifts and get featured in the Desserts Corner page of Cadbury Dairy Milk.

(We got this information in a press release).

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