CavinKare launches The Nyle Natural Gentle Care Range with quiz-based, engaging mobile ad

Ad leveraged an Interactive questionnaire about hair type and concerns for an immersive & informative experience.

CavinKare, in partnership with mCanvas, has introduced the Nyle Natural Gentle Care range - a game changer in daily hair care routines. mCanvas’ tech-driven Q&A mobile ad format plays a pivotal role in this launch campaign. The engaging ad takes consumers on a personalized journey to identify which product best suits their hair needs.

CavinKare launches The Nyle Natural Gentle Care Range with quiz-based, engaging mobile ad

Ecstatic about the Nyle campaign, Rajat Nanda, business head, PC at CavinKare stated: "The Nyle Natural Gentle Care range by CavinKare is a pH-balanced and paraben-free collection that offers gentle care for your hair every day. Our mission is to assist users in discovering the ideal products to address the intricacies of their hair care needs. We’ve embraced innovation and user-first technology with mCanvas. Using programmatic solutions and contextual targeting, we combined mobile AdTech with interactive creatives in an ad campaign that has been both effective and entertaining by reaching over 6.4MN users*.”

Nyle Naturals wanted to spread awareness of their shampoo variants, meticulously crafted with natural ingredients and free from harsh chemicals, to a specific target audience: 20-35 year old females from urban metros, either students, working women, or young mothers, looking for natural hair care solutions.

The engaging ad focuses on common hair problems and adopts a questionnaire approach, posing relevant questions about the users’ hair type and hair care concerns. By doing so, the consumers' hair problems are addressed during their interaction, for an immersive, informative experience.

Initiated by a scroller and sticker banner, the ad campaign begins with intrigue, "Step into the world of Gentle Care." Users participate in a brief questionnaire, first tapping to choose their hair type: Straight, Wavy, or Curly. Based on their selection, users see the next screen listing common hair issues: Damaged, Dry & Frizzy, or Less Volume, with the question, "What does your hair feel like?"

As per their response, users are presented with the shampoo and its benefits that address their hair concerns, along with an informative video. The CTA: SHOP NOW directs users to the landing page, where they can explore and buy the product that’s their perfect hair care match.

Bhawana Sharma, digital lead at CavinKare also shared her thoughts about the Nyle launch: "The Nyle Natural Gentle Care range is going to be a game-changer in hair care, with the promise of 'Gentle Care For Your Hair Every Day.' Our aim is to reach users in key markets and increase brand recall through engaging interactive ads. We offer a transformative experience rooted in nature's goodness with our shampoo variants - Dryness Hydration, Damage Repair, and Volume Enhance, each to solve real hair issues faced by consumers today. By blending technology and immersive storytelling, mCanvas made our campaign a success with a high-impact experiential mobile ad that achieved 7X CTR higher* than industry standards.”

Jyotsana Pandey, digital marketing (Project Lead) at CavinKare, proudly talks about the Nyle launch:

“The Nyle Natural Gentle Care range by CavinKare is a pH-balanced and paraben-free collection that offers the gentle care your hair deserves. In our mission to help users choose from three different shampoo variants (Dryness Hydration, Damage Repair, and Volume Enhance) based on their specific hair problems, we have embraced innovation and user-first technology. We're reaching out to users via programmatic solutions with contextual targeting, with an innovative and engaging creative by mCanvas, making our campaign both effective and entertaining.

Rishi Sharma, senior vice president at mCanvas concluded: “Our mission was clear: introduce Nyle's three new natural shampoo variants, each targeting specific users & hair issues, and empower them to make informed choices. The challenge in this competitive sector is to make Nyle Naturals break through the clutter using our innovative ad tech formats to solve the consumer's problem. We created a unique question-answer approach that engaged users for over 9.5 seconds* in an immersive, exciting experience with captivating visuals and personalized solutions. A not-so-simple idea, turned into an interactive experience!”

(We got this information in a press release).

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