Chrome Digital Cross Platform Report launched by Sam Balsara

The report about on branding & marketing was launched at the 2nd Annual ASSOCHAM Summit .

The Chrome Digital Advertising Report (CPM vs ER) was launched today at the 2nd Annual Summit on Branding and Marketing, organized by ASSOCHAM. The theme of the summit was "Brand Building in the Age of Technology,"

With focused attention from marketers and advertisers across the region, and India being the largest population base of younger audiences in the world, the mega-market of cross device audiences was at the centre of the debate. While broadcast TV remains effective, stakeholders have often expressed the need to shape strategies that accommodate the cross device unique audiences and duplication in streaming.

The Chrome DM panel, representing 1174.54 million internet/C&S individuals in India, used a hybrid process of assembling online surveys and tracking content by means of digital fingerprinting technology to collect data. The surveys were conducted using an in-house mobile application developed for online surveys that tracks the viewing trends across a sample size of 82,147 respondents. The data is accessible to clients in the form of excel reports weekly.

The report highlighted that the incremental reach provided by all platforms, including digital, was almost as high as 60% of linear broadcast in certain cases of news genre. This meant that advertisers and publishers need to track and gauge the actual reach of content, which was substantially higher than the conventionally reported pure linear broadcast.

One example of this was the "News genre," where AAJ TAK dominated overall reach with 343.07 million individuals across all end-points, i.e. digital and linear. In digital reach, AAJ TAK ranks on top at 12.43% with 145.95 million individuals in the month of Dec’22.

Chrome Digital Cross Platform Report launched by Sam Balsara

As the world shifts its gears towards digital, the summit concluded that the transition from C&S to digital must be accompanied by advances in measurement technology. Revenues would sway towards digital, and to mark a systematic transition for this industry, TV creatives on connected streams could potentially be billed on ERs against CPMs.

(We got this information in a press release).

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