Chrome OTT unveils the Top 10 SVOD shows of 2023

'Hostel Daze' on Amazon Prime Video ranks tenth with 5.89 million unique viewers.

Chrome OTT (COTT) has unveiled a list of the Top 10 SVOD Shows of 2023, bringing to light the diverse preferences of the audience. Hostel Daze, available on Amazon Prime Video has secured tenth rank with 5.89 million unique viewers.

The demographic split of viewers for Hostel Daze revealed a nuanced picture of the show's popularity. Males accounted for 57% of the viewership, while females contributed 43%. The regional distribution of viewers showed a balanced appeal across the country, with the North claiming 35%, the West with 31%, the South at 17%, and the East also at 17%.

Age played a significant role in determining the show's audience, with the 25-34 age group emerging as the primary viewership segment at 45%. The breakdown continued with 17-24 years constituting 30%, 35-44 years at 21%, 45+ years at 2%, and the 2-16 age group also at 2%. Notably, the age group of 17-34 years dominated with a whopping 75% of the total viewership.

Delving into the genre, Hostel Daze was characterised by its nostalgia/anticipation theme, resonating with a wide audience.

This analysis from COTT recognises the exceptional content that captivates viewers and provides a glimpse into the varied preferences across demographics.

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