‘Clean Food Movement’ by Phalada Pure & Sure: A cause that you must care about

To initiate dialogue on clean food and clean eating among children, Bengaluru-based organic food brand Phalada Pure & Sure has stepped forward to spearhead a campaign called Clean Food Movement in the city. With a philosophy of ‘You are what you eat. You are also what you believe in,’ the food brand has set out to raise questions on food adulteration and raise awareness about clean food eating habits. The movement aims to bring together like-minded individuals, communities, restaurants, not-for-profit bodies, doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, fitness enthusiasts, parents, followers of zero-waste lifestyle, and organisations that care about clean food and the environment.

Speaking about the campaign, managing director of Phalada Pure & Sure Surya Shastry said, “With Clean Food Movement, which is perhaps the first-ever movement by an organic food brand, we aim to connect with millennials and the generation Z and initiate conversations about clean, mindful eating and conscious living. Our campaign also encourages children to raise questions on food adulteration. One way to meaningfully reach out to Generation Z is through schools where awareness can be raised through interaction. We are happy to be associated with Origami Creative to help us deliver the message uniquely and freshly that can be easily understood by young children too.”

Origami Creative, a branding agency in Bengaluru, handles the branding, creative and digital mandate of the campaign. Laeeq Ali, the co-founder of Origami Creative, said, “We wanted to play a larger role in our consumers’ lives and this is not just about Pure & Sure as a brand. We believe that when causes are both meaningful and relevant, consumers will align with the cause and take the movement forward. When there’s so much conflicting information doing the rounds, trust becomes most important. That’s why we have taken a matter of fact, upfront and straightforward approach to our communication.”

About the campaign:

—The campaign message is delivered to people across generations.

—As a month-long campaign, it was launched in February with an introductory video.

—The video encapsulated the younger generation’s right to clean food.

—The objective of the campaign was to connect to millennials and generation Z.

—The campaign was disseminated through a series of print ads, videos, out-of-home (OOH), digital and radio campaigns.

(We got this information in a press release.)