CNBC-TV18 introduces all new Clutter Breakers, simplifies market trends in a slew of fresh programming

The channel has launched a brand-new weekly show, ‘CNBC-TV18 Investment Guide’ that is led by Anuj Singhal and Surabhi Upadhyay.

By bringing in dedicated fresh new shows and segments such as CNBC-TV18 Investment Guide, Smart Money, Market Simplified, Midcap Microscope, Consumer Corner, Off the Charts and Cut the Clutter, the channel aims to simplify the market for the seasoned as well as the first time investors, cementing its position as the audience’s trusted partner and investment ally ~

The unforeseen situation of COVID19 has now rendered investors to look for a guide that helps them recover from the pandemic by making well-informed financial decisions and astute investments. With an aim to keep its viewers abreast about the ever-changing financial climate and help them declutter the information overload; CNBC-TV18, as a market leader in the English business news and finance sector, introduces its all new Clutter Breakers! Simplifying market trends in a slew of fresh programming that caters to a vast and diverse set of viewers, the channel reinvents itself by announcing an all-new line-up of shows and segments for seasoned as well as first time investors with their specialized market programming.

Once again innovating and reinventing themselves, the channel seeks to lay impetus in separating the news from the noise by providing actionable and insight-driven solutions to its viewers. The channel has launched a brand-new weekly show, ‘CNBC-TV18 Investment Guide’ that is led by Anuj Singhal and Surabhi Upadhyay. The first episode kicked off with Raamdeo Agrawal, of Motilal Oswal Group and acts as the perfect beginner’s guide for stock market investments. It sheds light on the basic rules of investing along with informing viewers on the mistakes to avoid. Add to that, another new show, ‘Smart Money’ sees anchor Sonia Shenoy offer a helping hand to the viewer as she solves a host of queries and market-related issues asked by them.

Led by a team of incredible and experienced anchors, the freshly launched segments include ‘Market Simplified’ by Sumaira Abidi that decodes market linguistics and teaches the basics of market terminology to first time investors helping them make smart investment choices. Nigel D’Souza on ’Midcap Microscope’, with his insight, shall segregate stocks into macro and micro and help viewers navigate through the market seamlessly. As one looks for successful models and inspirational figures in the market, ‘Consumer Corner’ by Mangalam Maloo will highlight successful brand stories showcasing the numbers and people behind such companies. With the onus on making investors aware of the financial climate, ‘Off the Charts’ by Anuj Singhal will involve an in-depth 360 degree analysis on what’s driving market trends, guiding investors to identify potential investment opportunities. Allowing the viewers to make sense of market numbers, ‘Cut the Clutter’ by Prashant Nair sees him present all the stats and data-led analysis in an easy-to-consume manner for the audience.

Sharing her thoughts on the launch, Shereen Bhan - managing editor, CNBC-TV18, said, “Today, the world is changing in unprecedented ways. Each day, we are waking up to an overload of news, data and information making it an arduous task to check for its veracity and understand the implications for the economy and business. With CNBC-TV18’s all new Clutter Breakers, we intend to cut through this deep information clutter and help our viewers make sense of the news in these uncertain times with agility. Our all new line up is packed with actionable information and backed by deep analysis. We will look at decoding the language of the markets to make sense of the numbers, aiming to help our audience make smart and safe investment choices. With this, we aim to further cement our position as the audience’s trusted partner and investment ally.”

(We got this information in a press release).