Crompton delivers instant cooling for delivery agents by setting up Cooling Pod in Gurugram

The film sheds light on how the multi-verse of Jaldi Deliveries makes it very difficult for our delivery heroes to take a refreshing break.

With the mercury rising day by day and cities raging under the scorching heat, high temperatures are inviting frequent heatwaves. While most of us prefer the indoor coolness, it’s hard to ignore the plight of our delivery agents who brave the intense heat to reach our doorstep on time. In order to help these agents recuperate and get cool instantly, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals had set up a Cooling Pod in Gurugram with its air coolers to provide #JaldiCooling for them. From delivery executives to drivers and couriers, Crompton intended to bring a bit of goodness by ensuring they provide Hottest Day Mein Bhi #JaldiCooling. To further capture the experiential activity, Crompton packaged this one-of-a-kind gesture in a heart-warming film.

Several people are struggling to cope with relentless heatwaves especially as temperatures reach a record high. One community that is most affected are our delivery agents who are more than often pressed for time, reaching our parcels or food to our doorstep with fast deliveries. From cutting through traffic to searching the right location and shuttling from one place to another - delivering orders within a short period surely takes a toll on them. Moreover, summers also make it increasingly difficult to cope with the heat with them being outdoors for so long.

Considering that Crompton’s air coolers provide the best cooling comfort anytime and anywhere, the brand has taken it upon itself to deliver the best and instant cooling experience to all the delivery agents by constructing Cooling Pod where they can come and rest in the pod and recuperate from blazing heat of summers. Crompton partnered with Ignite Mudra to capture the candid essence of this activity in a film that showcases how delivery agents across the country are always at the receiving end amidst the scorching heat and how ‘Jaldi Deliveries’ can be less taxing with a short #JaldiCooling break.

Speaking about the brand’s social initiative, Pragya Bijalwan, CMO - Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. said, “As we enter the multi-verse of instant deliveries, instant cool-down gains utmost importance now more than ever. Delivery agents are at the forefront today being the receiving end of the scorching heat as they deliver comfort at our doorstep. Hence, we wanted to take a step further and provide support, creating a small difference for our modern-day heroes. And so, we created an innovation with our air coolers, known for delivering instant cooling and hoped to utilize them in providing a #JaldiCooling relief to the delivery and courier partners. Crompton has always been at the forefront of providing meaningful innovation and curating hassle-free consumer experience. Our aim is to help a community that has been withstanding the heat especially when instant shipping or delivery has become the new norm. With positive reactions and immense gratitude from all the delivery agents on-site, this was surely a refreshing yet much-needed Jaldi Cooling break for them!”

Unveiling the Cooling Pod experience in Gurugram, Crompton put together a heart-warming film curated by Ignite Mudra. The film sheds light on how the multi-verse of Jaldi Deliveries makes it very difficult for our delivery heroes to take a refreshing break while they ride across the city delivering comfort at our doorstep. While we enjoy a comfortable summer break, the delivery agents often find comfort on their bikes or under a tree for some shade. The film showcases how Crompton’s Cooling Pod helped these delivery agents indulge in a much-needed “Jaldi Cooling” break. It also beautifully captures candid reactions, heartfelt gratitude, and the bright smiles of our delivery agents.

(We got this information in a press release).

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