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Companies acquires US-based digital fitness company Onyx

With this acquisition, the company aims to accelerate international offering.

With a view to bolster its digital offerings in India and abroad,, India’s leading health & fitness company, has acquired Onyx, a California-based fitness company that is building the world’s smartest digital training experience.’s acquisition of Onyx is a step towards improving its computer vision technology for its at-home fitness product and expanding its international business.

Onyx specialises in body tracking technology and personalisation of workout feedback. It provides rep counts, form correction, and detailed performance tracking. Onyx was recently featured as “App of the Day” on Apple’s App Store and has seen rapid user growth over the course of the last year. is India’s based health-tech company. recently launched in the US with its energy-meter tech wherein the phone camera tracks users’ movements as they try to follow guided content from trainers. Users can track their improvement, compete with their friends, post selfies, and follow their favourite trainers.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mukesh Bansal, co-founder,, said: “The 20s will be the decade of digital health. Onyx will accelerate our efforts towards building a hardware agnostic AI-led platform that offers guided content on physical & mental wellness and nutrition all at the same place. Users will get a personalised experience with high quality tech and human touch, and will be able to achieve their fitness goals from the comfort of their homes without spending on expensive hardware.”

Shamik Sharma, head of technology at, stated: “With this tech, our digital product will be very similar to attending a group class at boutique studio or a personal training session in the gym. Users will get feedback on their movements and it will be a two-way interactive experience. We are integrating with all display devices like Apple TV, Chromecast etc. and users can follow a variety of exercises like dance, HIIT, yoga etc. from their home.”

While talking about the acquisition, co-founder of Onyx, Asaf Avidan Antonir said: “Our mission at Onyx has always been to make truly personalized and connected fitness accessible to anyone. We are excited to be joining to contribute to this shared mission, and together bring incredible digital fitness experiences to a global audience even faster. High accuracy body tracking combined with studio quality content will help us create a very differentiated experience for our users.”

(We got this information in a press release).