Curry Nation goes Work Permanently from Home

The founder takes the decision seeing her employees' efficiency increase.

With cases of corona virus multiplying and no visible relief being seen. Curry Nation has decided that Work permanently from home is the best practice to follow in the larger interest of its people. Atleast as of now.

Priti Nair, Founder, Curry Nation, says “Most of our people commute from far flung suburbs of Mumbai. Public transport is the only mode of travel feasible for them and travelling by public transport meant exposing them to unseen dangers of the virus. It just didn’t sit well with us. It would have been unreasonable & selfish to ask people to travel to office”

The past 3 months have shown a host of benefits that prompted us to take this decision

  1. Our people are getting more sleep and look better rested & fresh

  2. Enhanced productivity

  3. Saving commute time adds back to the work hours

  4. Relief from maddening rush of Mumbai travel

  5. Savings on fuel, electricity consumption

  6. Savings on operating costs

  7. Happiness quotient is higher

  8. Employees getting more time with family

  9. More focus & efficiency

  10. Better time management

  11. People have become better listeners, and objective & outcome led

  12. Overall health of our employees has improved with WFH

Nagessh Pannaswami, Co Founder, says,” Safety of our Curry Nation family was of paramount importance and that drove this decision. And along with it came of host of other benefits. We don’t see the fear of the virus abating till Oct or maybe even later (till such time that an antidote is found). Hence we thought it prudent to shift base to home. I feel it’s the smartest thing to do. And getting people to commute to office with immense risk to their lives and work under a roof and four walls called an office is now old world thinking. We need more ‘compassionate management’ of people. We will review our decision once the macro environment stabilizes”

(We got this information from a press release.)