Dairy Day Ice Cream launches ‘Goodness is Good’ Campaign

Dairy Day Ice Cream has released its summer campaign ‘Goodness is Good’. Conceptualized by Famous Innovations and directed by national award-winning director, Vibhu Puri the campaign comprises of a video series of three films that aims at celebrating every act of goodness that spread happiness in people’s lives. The first film in the series titled ‘Sign Language’, tells a powerful story of a young boy learning to communicate in sign language in order to welcome a hearing and speech impaired child who recently moved into his apartment complex. The film ends with the children forming a lifetime bond as they share a delicious tub of Dairy Day Ice Cream.

M N Jaganath, Co-Founder, Dairy Day said, “The ‘Goodness is Good’ campaign is our attempt to deliver a message of unity, trust and friendship that can be achieved if our thought process is driven by goodness. Through this campaign we aim to encourage people to reimagine what they can achieve if they take the time to learn and understand what a small act of goodness can achieve. Dairy Day believes that goodness comes naturally, and we have made ‘goodness’ the focus of our brand.”

"Dairy Day as a brand and as a company truly embody the spirit of goodness - of being kind, caring for people and helping people in the right way. With this campaign, we have tried to bring the same alive through simple, relatable stories. Be it the father who understands that marks don't define a child, a layman who gently push children to play with nature and ensures the children disconnect from digital world/video game or the little boy who learns sign language to make a new friend. There are important messages hidden in these humble acts of goodness and we hope this campaign helps spread cheer in the world, at a time when we all need it so badly." said, Raj Kamble, Founder & CCO, Famous Innovations

Director Vibhu Puri said, ''Making films is my passion and like all filmmaker’s I always lookout for a great script and more so in advertising. So when I got the 3 scripts especially the sign language film, I jumped! What drew me the scripts was the novel idea of using the innocence of kids - be it the relationship between the father and the daughter, highlighting the digital world of kids nowadays or doing a film about a relationship between the 2 kids, that had no words was challenging but yet was joyous. I think the client was also very supportive and compassionate and they never tried drilling the brand in the film, they like all of us just wanted the message to come across naturally that “Goodness is Good”. Hope the audiences love it as much I loved making it.''

(We got this information in a press release.)