DesignAnswers expands its operations in Bengaluru, just in time for the summer advertising buzz

The full-service creative agency aims to localize all the mainline, digital and media led solutions for its Bengaluru based clients.

In a move that delights all their existing local clientele, DesignAnswers, a fast-growing independent Creative Agency will now be physically servicing businesses of different scales in Bengaluru, after launching their Gurgaon office 6 years ago.

Speaking on the development, Praneeta Shringi, co-founder and business head of DesignAnswers, said, “We have gained great traction across various cities in India and abroad, catering to a wide range of clients from different sectors like Lifestyle, Real Estate, F&B, QSR, Aviation, Technology, OEM, Hospitality, Banking and Financial services, Auto and more. Technology made it very easy for us to seamlessly service and grow businesses across geographies. But it was clearly time to be more permanently present in some places like Bengaluru. We feel this will allow for a more cohesive functioning and help build deeper relationships with our clients. The way we're structured, allows us to easily adapt to any business environment or client need. So today, its Bengaluru, tomorrow we could add more locations. What makes it even more special is that Bengaluru was where my journey with art and design began at Srishti, followed by my first job at Foley Designs."

Bengaluru is the place calling all advertisers and marketers right now. It's the place to be when it comes to innovation and a futuristic approach. So, we asked Hitesh Nigam, Co-founder and Creative Head at DesignAnswers, about his thoughts on creating an environment that exploits this aspect of the city. This is what he had to say. "We're constantly upskilling ourselves and identifying the right opportunities to help us create more possibilities for our clients. With every passing minute, the scope of exploration increases to enrich the customer journey. We’ve already kick-started to deliver projects that make consumer experiences even more seamless. And this is where all the action is. It's not just a city of start-ups, it's a city where risk taking is encouraged. Things move really fast here and we know we can keep pace and surpass our client expectations. One of the things we're most excited about are the new business opportunities that exist in the city. The inventive nature of businesses is what we look forward to the most."

After starting operations in 2016 in Gurgaon, DesignAnswers has gone on to work with leading businesses like American Express, Huggies, Bengaluru International Airport, Kotex, Dr. Reddy’s, Halonix Technologies, Meta, Taj Hotels and more. They've become veterans in launching new brands to market like Beyond Water, Wingreens Farms, Noto Pops to name a few and are excited to cater to more such budding brands down south.

(We got this information in a press release).