Dice Media partners with Tinder and PureMe For ‘Firsts’ Season 3

The one-minute episodic Instagram series is set to woo hearts, showcasing the many ‘first’ moments of love between two female protagonists.

Pushing the boundaries for innovation in storytelling, Pocket Aces, India’s leading digital media entertainment company is back with a new season of the hit Instagram series, ‘Firsts’ on Dice Media. Firsts Season 3, in association with Tinder and PureMe explores a same gender romantic relationship between two young girls, who match on Tinder and decide to onboard an exhilarating journey of understanding love, life, and more together. A heartwarming story that blossoms during the lockdown, this season is a tale of acceptance, and coming together to celebrate the beauty of love, which has no labels.

Firsts season 3 stars young talented actors Shreya Gupto, and Himika Bose, playing the role of the protagonists, who are both in their early twenties - Ritu Chatterjee and Lavanya Vijaya, respectively. Their first match on Tinder led to a whirlwind online romance, which saw them decide to move in together, after a mere month of knowing each other. Worlds collide when the carefree Lavanya, and the slightly uptight Ritu explore their many ‘firsts’ as a same gender couple. Being as different as chalk and cheese, their story is both entertaining, and relatable for couples across the board.

With the increasing importance of the safety norm of wearing a mask to prevent the spread of viruses, PureMe’s range of long-wear, linen masks was seamlessly woven into various episodes in the series. The partnership/association is the first of its kind integration for PureMe where the brand’s value proposition of being trendy yet safe at the same time, with it’s message, ‘Be Different’ was visibly highlighted throughout the series; increasing brand relevance.

Drawing real-life experiences and staying truly aligned to the story arc, the show is beautifully penned by Sulagna Chatterjee who, identifies as a queer and is directed by the very talented Bharat Misra. Over the course of the 20 one-minute episodes, Firsts season 3 showcases how couples from the queer community cope with, and navigate being in a live-in relationship in a largely heterosexual society. From their first confession, and first gift, to the first fight, and first feelings of uncertainty, the show captures the sensitivities of a newfound relationship, especially among those breaking stereotypes in society.

Commenting on the partnership Arti Yadav, co-founder, PureMe said, “Being our first ever digital partnership, we felt it was the right opportunity to not only showcase our range of cute and trendy masks, but also reinforce their importance. We were also drawn towards the beautiful message of love, and breaking stereotypes, which is what ‘Be Different’ is all about. Having said that, we feel extremely thrilled to have begun this journey with Dice Media and look forward to more such mutually rewarding partnerships.”

Commenting on the launch, Kunal Langer, AVP Client Acquisition & Growth, Pocket Aces, said, “Firsts as a property is an extremely unique and a disruptive format for story telling that we at Pocket Aces introduced earlier this year. So far with all the 3 seasons, brands have shown immense interest in the format as the concept is new and highly relatable in nature. In Season 3, we have decided to take on a topic something that content creators have shied away from, and have tried to normalise the conversations around queer relationships; showcasing the modern-day love story between two women. Amidst these unprecedented times, we have tried to weave in how dating and romantic relationships are transforming and the sole objective behind this season was very different from its predecessors. In addition, over the last few months, we have consistently pushed our boundaries with different takes on relationships, and this has encouraged us to continue bringing out more such content with different themes. I am exhilarated to have partners like Tinder and PureMe as they bring in their unique identities which called for the perfect fit for this season’s concept.”

(We got this information in a press release).