DistroTV and Love Stories TV collaborate to launch 'Wedding TV by Love Stories TV' linear channel globally

The partnership offers Love Stories TV an affordable way to expand globally with the new FAST linear channel.

DistroScale, Inc, the driving force behind DistroTV, proudly announces the launch of ‘Wedding TV by Love Stories TV’ on its platform, with a special focus on Indian weddings. This launch is powered by the innovative DistroTV Platform Services™, which offers a comprehensive solution for media brands to create, monetize, and distribute their own streaming TV channels.

‘Wedding TV by Love Stories TV’, known for its heartwarming and genuine love stories, will now be able to reach a wider audience with its unique content, thanks to the capabilities of DistroTV Platform Services. This collaboration will showcase the grandeur and beauty of Indian weddings, capturing the essence of love and commitment.

“Channel creation used to be a domain for content owners with expansive budgets and infrastructure. With the rapid evolution of streaming from a niche to a standard media consumption platform, we identified a need for a solution that would eliminate the perceived cost, complexity, and risk barriers. Building the ‘Wedding TV’ with DistroTV Platform Services is a realization of this vision.” said Navdeep Saini, co-founder and CEO of DistroScale.

DistroTV Platform Services offers a comprehensive suite of tools necessary for the development and execution of successful streaming video platforms. This includes everything from technical infrastructure and content curation to monetization and distribution. Over 80 content brands have already benefited from this offering.

‘Wedding TV by Love Stories TV’, with its focus on Indian weddings, will feature real, cinematic wedding films, capturing the essence of love and commitment. This partnership will provide viewers with a unique insight into the vibrant world of Indian wedding celebrations.

Rachel Silver, founder of Love Stories TV, commented, "Our collaboration with DistroTV allows us to bring the magic of Indian weddings to a global audience. With the power of DistroTV Platform Services, we can seamlessly share these beautiful stories with viewers worldwide."

Vikas Khanchandani, DistroScale, APAC head, added, “In today's digital age, it's imperative for brands to have a global and targeted reach. With DistroTV Platform Services, we're proud to offer ‘Wedding TV by Love Stories TV’ a solution for brands to connect with audiences around the world, celebrating the rich tapestry of Indian weddings."

(We got this information in a press release).

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