EID Parry Brings SweetCare to Homes through its new TVC!

Parry’s SweetCare: A New Low GI Sugar fortified with 7 herbal extracts and with the natural taste of sugar.

Stress, unhealthy eating and poor lifestyle are worrisome and can lead to potential health risks! In fact, today we do see a greater awareness of the need to follow a healthier diet and lifestyle. Numerous studies show that people are now very health conscious in their choice of food products. The high double-digit growth of the health snacks industry is a clear indication of this emerging trend. So it is only appropriate that at a time when consumers are increasingly health conscious and discerning about choosing healthier products, EID Parry has announced the launch of new Parry’s SweetCare Low GI Sugar – a new healthier sugar fortified with the power of 7 herbal extracts and clinically tested to be a low GI sugar (Glycaemic Index < 55). This new SweetCare Low GI Sugar from Parry’s has 30% lower glycaemic load than ordinary sugar and ensures a lower rise in your blood sugar.

EID Parry, renowned to be the pioneers of sugar making in India, today rolled out a new TV campaign titled, Worry-less Sugar. The TVC aims to shine the spotlight on low GI sugar as the latest healthier sugar option for consumers and its role in supporting a healthier diet. Aptly titled, #worrylesssugar, the TVC focuses on the woman of the house who is perennially concerned about her husband’s health, his unhealthy food habits, his stress and detrimental lifestyle – a potent source for many lifestyle deceases. It reveals, that with the health benefits of new Parry’s SweetCare low GI sugar, she can now take one worry about sugar intake off her mind. The TVC highlights the powerful benefits of the sugar that is fortified with the power of 7 herbal extracts like Fenugreek, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Pomegranate, Ginger, Amla and Cinnamon that render it a low GI sugar which ensures lower rise in blood sugar levels as compared to normal sugar, thus making it healthier in the long run.

Commenting on the TVC, Mr. Balaji Prakash, Sr. Vice President - Sales & Marketing, EID Parry said, “With the launch of Parry’s Sweet Care Low GI sugar we are entering a critical phase in our journey as an innovative, consumer focussed company, to offer our consumers truly innovative products that are healthy without compromising on essentials like taste, organoleptic and other essential features. We seek to meet and help people where they are. A true win-win.

Sweet Care can be a game changer in the sugar category with its unique proposition of being a healthier low glycemic sugar. We believe we have a champion product which is natural, is clinically tested with superior health benefits and without any harmful side effects. Our latest TVC focuses on the benefits of SweetCare as a low GI sugar and its long term positive impact on consumers lives to alleviate in some way, their concerns and inability to address many detrimental dietary and lifestyle choices.This TVC highlights modern day lifestyle issues in a light, slice-of-life manner. We are confident that this campaign will reach out to consumers and they will really value this new offering.”

Navneet Virk, senior vice president & creative director, R K Swamy BBDO, said on the TVC “It’s a product whose time has come. Everyone knows we are heading towards being the diabetes capital of the world.

And the greatest tragedy is that people don’t realize how their lifestyles are affecting their health. That stress, lack of sleep and irregular routines are the prime causes of sugar imbalance in the blood which consumers don’t know. And this has been the insight, that consumers are living on the edge without realizing they are.

So it’s a simple story with a concerned wife who has switched to sweet care Low GI sugar because her husband is nowhere near switching his lifestyle for a better one. We wanted to capture a genuine moment, a moment of concern and love between the couple and wanted to do that in a tone and manner which would get at the heart a little bit but not overtly. We wanted the unspoken emotions of the exchange to offset the clinical associations with a low GI product. We expect the relatable emotional context, the everyday ambience, the understated dynamic of the couple to draw consumers into the moment.”