Emami Boroplus forays into personal hygiene space

After hand sanitizer, BoroPlus adds toilet soaps and hand washes to its personal hygiene portfolio.

After entry into the hygiene space with the launch of BoroPlus Advanced Anti- Germ Hand Sanitizer in April 2020, Emami , the Indian FMCG major takes another leap and expands its BoroPlus Hygiene Range with the launch of toilet soap bars (BoroPlus Antiseptic + Moisturizing Soap) and hand washes (BoroPlus Antiseptic + Moisturizing Handwash).

Recommended by Doctors, the BoroPlus Hygiene Range currently comprises an assortment of hand sanitizers, toilet soaps and hand washes. The products, powered by natural antiseptic herbs are clinically tested to kill 99.99% of germs and viruses. Also, enriched with moisturising ingredients, the BoroPlus Hygiene Range not only helps to keep skin germ-free, but also helps retain the skin’s moisture content keeping it soft and supple.

BoroPlus Antiseptic + Moisturizing Soap Bars and Hand Washes are available in 2 variants – one with Neem, Tulsi & Aloe Vera and the other with Neem, Eucalyptus & Honey. Being true to its antiseptic equity, leveraged through natural ingredients, BoroPlus Advanced Anti-Germ Hand Sanitizer, launched in April, is also enriched with herbs – Neem and Tulsi in an alcohol base of 70%.

The range will be differentiated, accessible and affordable for the masses with introductory offers. BoroPlus is a truly Indian brand that constantly endeavours to understand the consumer needs of both rural and urban India and develops products that cater to their specific needs. With an ear to the ground, it has developed the Hygiene range specifically for Indian consumers, keeping in mind their needs, functional benefits, sensorial preferences and budget expectations. Emami will leverage its full distribution strength in order to make these products available all over the country, along with capitalizing the digital medium owing to the increased presence and prominence of e-commerce platforms.

Speaking on the occasion, Priti A. Sureka, director, Emami said, “BoroPlus is a brand trusted by millions of people, all over India. Its antiseptic cream is a staple across households and is used by children and adults alike, to heal, protect and moisturize the skin. The foray into personal hygiene, keeping in mind the antiseptic and moisturising qualities of BoroPlus, was part of our innovation plan on the brand – we are looking at the category from a long term perspective, building the ‘cleansing’ part of the range to complement the ‘care’ products. However, with the world facing the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen several consumer behavioural changes with respect to personal hygiene, which have become a new way of life and we believe increased hygiene consciousness is here to stay. There is a heightened sense of awareness around the importance of these hygiene practices in stopping the spread of the COVID-19. We strongly feel, that most of these behavioural changes will become habits in the long-run as everyone is concerned about personal hygiene. Keeping this in mind, we have endeavoured to bring forward our launches in the hygiene segment – we also anticipate an increase in demand owing to the lockdown being gradually lifted. We started with the launch of the hand sanitizer for which we have witnessed very positive consumer traction. Now we have extended our portfolio into toilet soaps and hand washes. The BoroPlus brand is rooted in its natural antiseptic equity, offering efficacious protection against germs & viruses and at the same time taking care of the skin by providing adequate moisturisation.”

BoroPlus Hygiene Range will be available across pharmacy and general retail stores, modern trade outlets and e-commerce platforms.

(We got this information from a press release.)

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