Empowering women on screen: Top 10 female-oriented OTT shows of 2023 reign supreme

The success of these shows demonstrates the increasing demand for female-driven content on all OTT platforms.

In a digital age where storytelling knows no bounds, the rise of female-centric narratives has been nothing short of a revolution. Today, Chrome OTT (COTT) releases its annual report, highlighting the Top 10 Female-Oriented OTT Shows of 2023, showcasing the power and allure of women-led narratives in the digital realm.

These shows, celebrated for their storytelling and portrayal of strong female characters, have captivated audiences worldwide. From dramas to comedies, each show offers a perspective and resonates deeply with viewers.

Here are the Top 10 Female-Oriented OTT Shows of 2023 out of 4336 total shows across all OTT platforms, along with the platforms they appeared on and their reach numbers:

Empowering women on screen: Top 10 female-oriented OTT shows of 2023 reign supreme

"Taali" on Jio Cinema was at the top spot in the list with a reach of 40.98 million viewers. Notably, the viewership split showcased a significant female-oriented audience, with 58% of the viewers being female and 42% male. Furthermore, the regional distribution of viewership revealed a diverse audience, with 32% from the North, 24% from the South, 28% from the West, and 16% from the East.

Moreover, the age demographic of viewers across all the shows fell within the 25-44 years bracket, indicating a broad appeal among young to middle-aged audiences. This data underscores the growing popularity and influence of female-oriented content across OTT platforms, resonating with viewers from various regions and age groups.

Empowering women on screen: Top 10 female-oriented OTT shows of 2023 reign supreme

The success of these shows underscores the growing demand for female-driven content across all OTT platforms. With millions of viewers tuning in, women’s stories are not only resonating with audiences but also shaping cultural conversations and perceptions.

"Female-oriented content has emerged as a dominant force in the OTT landscape," says Pankaj Krishna, founder & CEO of Chrome DM. "These shows not only entertain but also inspire and empower viewers of all ages. We're thrilled to see such a diverse range of stories being celebrated and embraced by audiences worldwide."

As the industry continues to evolve, one thing remains certain: the future of entertainment is female.

Chrome DM’s COTT: All primary inputs are a hybrid of auto generated data via 1,05,346 Chrome DM’s SDKs & captured content consumption via Chrome DM’s survey apps. e.g. Top Platforms & Top Shows modules are auto generated from SDKs, whereas artiste affinity/awareness scores come from the Chrome DM’s survey apps.

These inputs are captured across a subset of Chrome DM’s panel of 70,406 respondents. The surveys are conducted on base of the following parameters: Demographics, Sociographies and Psychographics.

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