Enormous Brands launches the new Reliance General Insurance brand campaign in a new way

‘Tech’ explaining the radical shift to digital and ‘Heart’ indicating the unimpaired human touch and empathy that comes with it.

2020 was no ordinary year. We all learned something, went through some major ups and downs but in the end, figured that looking at things differently is the only way out. That’s why Reliance General Insurance (RGI) partnered with Enormous Brands to explore a new approach for repositioning the brand in the new normal. With digital replacing the physical everywhere, it was nothing short of an opportunity to establish the brand’s new philosophy of Tech+ Heart.

‘Tech’ explaining the radical shift to digital and ‘Heart’ indicating the unimpaired human touch and empathy that comes with it.

So, the new brand campaign, Tech + Heart, was launched like a blockbuster film with a ground-breaking mascot, BroBot, a 3D robot with a heart. The media aim was to create a substantial viewership for the launch film by replicating the roadblock strategy online.

Commenting on the success of the campaign, Rakesh Jain, ED and CEO, Reliance General Insurance said, “During COVID-19 majority of customer interactions happened digitally and we brought about a series of tech innovations to simplify and make those interactions seamless. However, we also understood that Technological disruption needs to amalgamate with humane values and focus on being customer-first, always. That is why we decided to have a brand mascot ‘BroBot’ that embodies this ethos and presents insurance with a fresh perspective to our customers in the new normal”

In early October, about 15 teasers of the upcoming short film were rolled out on various digital platforms.

The teasers weaved together day-to-day, relatable problems, which hit home with the viewers. Extensive use of YouTube and Facebook were done and advanced measurement solutions like BLS 2.0 were used to measure the brand lift. The teasers garnered over 47 million impressions and 32 million views with a healthy click-through rate of 68% across channels. Facebook reached over 16 million people and YouTube, over 22 million.”

Ajay Verma, managing partner, Enormous Brands added “It was a bold approach to launch the new brand campaign. We had set daily benchmarks for the pre-launch phase to make sure that the appropriate level of curiosity is achieved. In the end, we were 17% above our ambitious engagement target”

The results looked promising as the consumers loved the new approach. This successfully helped the brand build intrigue for the launch film and as expected, it reached over 6 million views within the first week of launch across all channels.

(We got this information in a press release).

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