For the first time in India, a team of women install a flex for a Skechers billboard

The Campaign which was conceptualized and executed by Street Talk for Skechers India

Skechers, the global sports and lifestyle brand based in California, has set a strong example as they teamed up with three professional female mountaineers for an Out of Home [OOH] activity in Mumbai.

The Campaign which was conceptualized and executed by Street Talk for Skechers India has created history with an impeccable idea featuring a team of fearless women, carrying the herculean task of installing the Skechers D’lites flex over a billboard at a prominent location in Mahim Garden, Mumbai. People in Mumbai were overwhelmed to witness the pathbreaking milestone of these courageous women conquering a height of 35 feet, carrying the load of a 70-pound flex, and draping it across an 800 sq.ft canvas. In India, where activities like these are considered challenging for women, these audacious women are not only changing the paradigm but also inspiring others to open new windows of opportunity and keep moving.

Skechers recently announced Ananya Panday as its first female brand ambassador with a message that aims to inspire the youth of today to come forward while emphasizing the power of moving ahead to overcome challenges that may come your way.

Rahul Vira, Skechers South Asia, CEO said “Aishwarya Gajanan Ghare, Marishaa Shah and Priyanka Chinchorkar are breaking prototypes beautifully and are signifying contemporary women in a new epitome. The task performed is commendable and resonates with Skechers #OriginalsKeepMoving campaign which promotes that you can debunk the age-old labels to make your way by pushing yourself beyond the boundaries and stop at nothing.”

Expressing his view on this trendsetting activity, Hardeep Singh, Vice President – Street Talk (a Signpost India Company) said that “We are always excited to associate with a brand like Skechers India which values interactive thoughts and ideas to communicate and allows us the freedom to widen our imagination. The crux of this campaign lies in promoting the youth of today to push harder and overcome challenges which is also an important part of the ethos of Street Talk India. We are happy to have embarked on an outdoor route to showcase this exceptional concept of Skechers #OrginalsKeepMoving. I also congratulate the team at Street Talk for the unique conceptualisation & smooth execution of the entire activity while adhering to all the safety measures.

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