Fortune Edible Oils & Foods celebrates a milestone of 20 years

The brand’s ready-to-cook portfolio has increased substantially causing a shift in the consumer’s concept from “joy of eating” to “joy of cooking”.

One of the leading consumer brands in the country, Fortune Edible Oils & Foods celebrates 20 years of giving food lovers in the nation a healthier lifestyle. To mark this milestone, Fortune has launched a new campaign highlighting their brand’s essence, ’20 years of Fortune.’ The campaign has been augmented with a versatile array of dishes, cultures and festivals that showcase the significance of the brand.

The purpose of this entire campaign is to highlight the diversity that the brand has maintained over the years along with the fact that consumer loyalty has been the core strength that helped the brand sustain in the market. Earlier this year, Fortune Foods transformed its visual identity with the launch of a new logo that reflects its fast-evolving product offerings. Fortune Edible Oils & Foods has offered its consumers the largest variety of oils and extended to food categories such as wheat flour, Basmati rice, pulses, soya chunks and besan. Off late, they also launched ready-to-cook the most popular comfort food in the country, Khichdi and ready to cook soya chunies. The brand’s ready-to-cook portfolio has increased substantially causing a shift in the consumer’s concept from “joy of eating” to “joy of cooking”.

Talking about this campaign, head of marketing, Ajay Motwani said, “Fortune has always been consistent about connecting with the consumers in the correct way which was precisely the context of the campaign. In less than two decades, Fortune has not only become the number one cooking oil brand but also one of the fastest growing food brands in India. We are thrilled to be celebrating 20 years of Fortune. With this milestone, we only promise to get better and bigger by continuing to satisfy consumers with the value of the brand.”

Talking about the celebration, deputy chief executive officer, Angshu Mallick said, “We have always aimed at strengthening Fortune’s position in the market and strived to be relevant to younger households through the values they believe in. We would like to thank all those who stood for the brand and expressed their sheer love and affection towards it. Fortune Edible Oils & Foods will continue to deliver utmost consumer satisfaction ensuring that their Ghar Ka Khana evolves to an even greater contentment. We are supremely grateful for all the people who have been a part of our journey.”

Being a beacon of inspiration, the brand has ensured to prioritize the consumers and periodically retain positive loyalty through the value of their products. Having carried out a series of successful campaigns in the past, this 20 years of Fortune campaign has definitely resonated with a lot of consumers.

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