From Reel Life to Real Life

Families are at the heart of Indian weddings, and m4marry celebrates this anchor that hold us steadfast in the fast flowing waters of life. At M4Marry, we firmly believe in this credo of ‘family’, which is why, we have created a website that amplifies this belief.

Vijay Devarakonda, South's rising actor and Google's most searched celebrity in South India for 2019, is the brand new face of m4marry. Besides representing the target segment of youngsters, his strong beliefs about the sanctity of families echo our own ideas and views about marriages and families. Our new advertisement articulates our combined views about the joy of choosing the perfect partner and perfect new family for each and every prospective bride and bridegroom.

The new campaign serves to drive home the idea that happiness is when the family is part of your most important celebration. The film amplifies the strength, sanctity and joy that families bring into a marriage. After all, when two people wed each other, two families marry into each other.

(We got this information in a press release.)