G Plus launches #MatCorona – a city-wide awareness campaign

With the first Covid-19 positive patient being identified in Assam and state in the midst of a government-induced lockdown, NRL has come forward to support the awareness campaign against the dreaded Coronavirus, along with G Plus.

The campaign titled #MatCorona is aimed at raising awareness among the public to maintain social distance – a very basic but highly important practice that can help prevent the spread of the virus and help safeguard against it personally as well. The initiative has been received well by the public and has also received support from a number of influential personalities and celebrities and has been endorsed by popular figures like Joi Barua, Angaraag “Papon” Mahanta, Zubeen Garg, Utpal Das, Kopil Bora, Gaurav Taneja, Nishita Goswami and Jatin Bora among others.

"In the circumstances that the world finds itself in now, the most powerful tool to come out of this is awareness and education. And we thought that as a media house, it was our responsibility to do something for it and that's the reason we decided to initiate the campaign. I just hope that we can tide over this with minimal damage and so I urge everyone to stay home and stay safe,” said Sunit Jain, Publisher of G Plus.

With the campaign already being rolled out, G Plus has also urged all the people of Assam to come and be a part of the initiative and help keep the pandemic in check.

(We got this information in a press release.)

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