Gaana Originals unveils Podcasts ‘Corona Se Jeetengey’ & ‘DIY Karona’ to stay motivated and positive during COVID-19 Quarantine

Announced its second batch of a platform-exclusive line-up of podcasts and shows, ‘Corona Se Jeetengey’ & ‘DIY Karona’ live on Gaana.

The coronavirus pandemic has reorganized our lives at a major scale with it’s immediate effects on daily life. As Indians isolate themselves at home and are desperately looking for ways to entertain themselves, India's largest music streaming app, Gaana has announced its second batch of platform-exclusive line-up of podcasts and shows, ‘Corona Se Jeetengey’ & ‘DIY Karona’ that are live on Gaana. These humorous and inspirational episodic podcasts are a part of the brand’s vision to relentlessly innovate to produce relatable & topical original content that engages discerning Indian audiences.

Commissioned by Gaana and produced by its in-house creative shop ‘Gaana Studios’, the first podcast ‘Corona Se Jeetengey’ is a 10-episode inspirational series that highlights stories of human grit, ingenuity and generosity as we battle the greatest pandemic of our lifetime. 

The second, ‘DIY Karona’ is a comedy series that involves a bunch of intrepid characters in lockdown trying to make DIY (Do It Yourself) audio shows for the larger good of their community. Each episode has a unique plot and character lineup, including a daughter in law’s DIY on how to survive with your mother in law during lockdown and another where a prominent CEO teaches his peers how to do the dishes.

Speaking at the podcast launch, Gaana CEO Prashan Agarwal said, “These are unprecedented times for all of us, and we believe that it’s important to stay hopeful, positive and motivated amidst these uncertainties. With that aim in mind, we are excited to launch two podcasts that will put a smile on your faces even in these despairing times. We are confident our listeners will enjoy the entertaining content in these podcasts made by our in-house branded content team.”

The creators of “DIY Karona” had this to say about their show: “It's already day number ‘who cares’ of being at home and most of us are at the verge of a lockdown induced breakdown. These stressful times are obviously taking a toll on the mental health of hundreds of millions of Indians, and we are delighted to bring them a fun podcast series to ease the pain a little. DIY Karona brings together situations unique to the lockdown, and tongue in cheek tutorials on how to survive them, for e.g. a CEO teaching how to clean jhoothe bartan, and that too by applying corporate mantras!”

Gaana currently hosts over 3000 diverse shows & podcasts spanning 21 categories like Comedy, Bollywood, Devotional, News, Kids, Motivational, Astrology, Business, Lifestyle &. Culture and Self Help among others. Stressed out during the lockdown? Gaana has your back when it comes to wellness content as well; with podcasts such as "Feel Better Live More” hosted by Rangan Chatterjee where experts offer easy health life-hacks, expert advice and debunk common health myths; You can also calm your soul by listening to "The SOS Show with Suchita" that demystifies and busts myths around mental health and "Love Diet by Dr. Shikha Sharma" a podcast that shares tips on nutrition and stay-healthy diets especially for couples.

(We got this information in a press release)

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