Gaana Podcast Original ‘Life Ki Rann-Neeti’.

India's largest music streaming app, Gaana has launched its inaugural Podcast Original, ‘Life ki Ranneeti’ with Rannvijay Singha. Hosted by one of the most recognisable faces in popular Indian entertainment, Rannvijay shares key life lessons and strategy to achieve millenial goals & aspirations over fun & insightful conversations with the people who have been a part of his journey to media stardom.

A 10 episodic series featuring the likes of Actor Raghu Ram, VJ Varun Sood, Comedian Gursimran Khamba, Actress Divya Agarwal and Rannvijay’s father, the retired Lt. General of Indian Army, Lt Gen Iqbal Singh Singha, the podcast sees Rannvijay share deeply personal and interesting anecdotes from the lives of his friends and family over fun and insightful chats. The podcast would also make way for the #LifeKiNeeti contest on Twitter that would promote life lesson sharing among Indian millennials, and reward top participants with exclusive Gaana merchandise.

Speaking at the Life Ki Rann-Neeti’ launch, Gaana ceo Prashan Agarwal said, “Millenial life can be hard sometimes - whether its a crucial job rejection, failure in academics, or a fallout with close friends. At Gaana, we realised it's no easy feat for these millenials to stay positive when things are falling apart. This led to the idea of ‘Life Ki Rann Neeti’, a lively and uplifting podcast that can transform millenial life in a matter of minutes. Rannvijay is the quintessential youth icon, and the podcast offers the perfect platform to learn from the life choices and sacrifices that successful people make, the hard work they put in, the friendships they formed and the lessons learnt along the way.”

Gaana Podcast Original 'Life Ki Rann Neeti' host, Rannvijay Singha said, "In my first ever podcast, 'Life Ki Rann Neeti', I wanted to unravel the journey, sacrifices & struggles that individuals go through before they achieve success and stardom. The idea behind the podcast was to share deeply personal stories from the lives of my family & friends who have inspired me and been an influence in my journey. I want to share the same lessons through fun and insightful conversations, while.offering today's millennial's life-lessons that will help them garner success in their personal and professional lives.

We got this information in a press release.

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