GPlus launches 'The Tenure Campaign' upon completing 10 years of publication

It commemorates the milestone by taking over the city's billboards and sharing anecdotes and messages coinciding with the upcoming elections.

GPlus, Guwahati's English weekly and hyper-local media brand, announced the launch of 'The Tenure Campaign' or Ten-ure campaign, celebrating 10 years of being the city's voice and media companion. The campaign is celebrating this significant milestone by taking over the billboards of the city, sharing anecdotes and messages for the city, its people and all the readers which is coinciding with the upcoming 2024 General Elections. The campaign talks about the brand in the currently prevailing political environment making the messaging extremely contextual and relevant.

Earlier this year, the media house launched GPlus Super App, a step towards the ever evolving digital landscape. This product transcends traditional media boundaries, connecting, informing, and benefiting the people of Guwahati through its various features. From big deals for discounts, exclusive offers, to citizen journalism for encouraging hyper- local journalism and free classifieds wherein one can discover opportunities and post free ads. The App also helps people to network and connect for advice and recommendations through the Guwahati Connect feature which is a community/ forum. The App has over 25,000 active users across iOS and Android platforms.

Speaking about the milestone, Sunit Jain, founder and publisher GPlus said, "Curiosity has been the driving force behind our journey at GPlus. We've thrived on asking questions, seeking knowledge, and staying curious for a solid decade. We cater to our readers, the heartbeat of our community, who share our insatiable inquisitiveness for updates and information around this city that we all love so much."

Adding to it, Sidharth Bedi Varma, CEO of GPlus shared, "From our inception in 2013, GPlus has evolved, embracing the pulse of the times and the vibrant spirit of Guwahati. Our journey has been a shared one, fueled by the energy and contributions of the very people who call this city home. Today, I can confidently say that GPlus isn't just a publication; it's a collective effort, a platform owned by the people, for the people."

For the past ten years, GPlus has been more than just a media network; it has been the pulse of Guwahati, capturing its essence through its weekly tabloid, social media presence, and signature events like the Guwahati Food Awards, Guwahati Theatre Festival, Campus Talks among others.

GPlus today boasts a community of over 7,00,000 organic fans and followers across various social media channels. In addition to its social media presence, GPlus has a readership of around 10 million people on its website every year, serving as a digital companion to its readers for everything around the city.

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