Gujarati Book on branding, marketing and advertising by Sameer Joshi of Sam & Andy

The book covers a wide range of subjects relevant to marketing, branding, and advertising.

As we know Gujaratis are synonymous to business. They dominate the business community in this country; and a lot of them forms the backbone of SME/MSME businesses. But, being a businessman does not ensure to be a smart marketer. Sometimes the need is not felt for marketing, at other times none reached out to them with a sense of hand-holding. Importantly, there is a dearth of brand-based content in the Gujarati language where at least you can read to clear the cob-webs of existing belief & behaviour.

For the love of writing in his mother tongue, Sameer Joshi has understood the real need gap, accepted the challenge and started writing regular articles on the subject of Brand Management & Marketing in the financial daily, Metro Junction, from a leading Gujarati newspaper Mumbai Samachar. Those meaningful articles are now compiled into a book for the Gujarati population as “BRAND BANSHE, BUSINESS VADHASHE”. This is published by a leading Gujarati publishing house, and the preface has been penned by a leading editor of the Mumbai Samachar. Probably, and not backed by facts, this is going to be the first book on this subject matter in Gujarati language. More than as a feather in the hat to be a debut author, Sameer is rather contented to contribute to his mother tongue in whatever little way he could. This an honest effort taken to keep the print medium alive in the regional languages.

It is a much-needed content, considering that there is a lot of reading material on the subject in English. It will be immensely beneficial for branding and advertising enthusiasts who prefer Gujarati language, and surely will be a gain for this business community as it will only help to re-visit and re-adjust their marketing acumen. This book sincerely tries to fill a real void that existed in this space.

The book covers a wide range of subjects relevant to marketing, branding, and advertising. The book contains edifying and insightful articles which further get divided in 5 sections as: on brand building, on consumer understanding, on advertising, on digital marketing and on the importance of design in marketing & communications. An attempt has been made to simplify thinking in the complex world of disruption & innovation!

Sameer is a seasoned advertising professional with 18+ years of work experience. He has enjoyed managing wide variety of reputed brands and categories during his stint with the agencies like JWT, Rediffuson Y&R and Percept H. Deeply passionate about the businesses that he handles as well as the people he works with, be it client or agency.

In his current role, he is the Founding Partner of Sam & Andy, a brand and marketing company, which helps providing razor-sharp clarity through relevant strategies for business growth. It is a solutions-based brand marketing company that can help businesses & brands grow in today & tomorrow’s marketplace. Sam & Andy through the equity of the two founding partners, enjoy more than 36+ years of cumulative work experience in strategic marketing, brand management, digital solutions & mainline advertising, having worked in some of the top communication agencies in India & abroad, and renowned corporates in India.

This strategic outfit is based out of Mumbai currently, with clients across India. They service businesses, and communication agencies both as their strategic marketing & brand planning arm.

The company strongly believes that business problems can be solved through the lens of brand as business & brand form two sides of the same coin, called GROWTH.

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