Harvest Gold scores big this cricket season with an engaging gamified mobile ad

Conceptualised by mCanvas, the gamified campaign aided Harvest Gold in delighting cricket fans in Delhi NCR.

To engage cricket fans with a fun treat, Harvest Gold converted their ad for burger buns into an interactive stadium. The gamified ad experience nudged participants to create virtual burgers by collecting ingredients falling from the sky, much like a fielder trying to catch the recently hit ball during a match.

Harvest Gold scores big this cricket season with an engaging gamified mobile ad

The gamified ad campaign helped the brand establish a seamless connection between burgers and cricket, positioning the product as a perfect accompaniment for match time. The target audience for the campaign encompassed young adults between 20 and 40 years of age in Delhi NCR.

"We wanted to promote the burger buns with a fun and engaging campaign that combined the best of both worlds: culinary and cricket. The objective was to increase brand awareness and associate the product with positive sentiments around cricket. The campaign created by mCanvas executed our narrative beautifully," said Enakshi Dasgupta, Category Marketing Head – Breads & Buns. The mobile ad is currently reaching over 3MN users, with people spending more than 9 seconds on the ad creative.

The gamified ad experience directed the users to tilt their phones from left to right and guided them to catch the ingredients falling inwards, from the top of the screen. Every time the user caught a new ingredient, a small part of the product's image was revealed on the screen, keeping the suspense going on till the end.

The use of motion sensors and the strategically conceptualised narrative helped make the 15-second gamified ad experience relevant and topical, cutting through the clutter of cricket-themed ads to garner the attention of the target group.

After successfully making a burger using all the ingredients, the audience was directed to the CTA, 'Buy Now', which led them to the product’s ecommerce landing page. Using relevant geo-targeting, the campaign was shown to the potential consumers in Delhi NCR with an affinity to shop for groceries online.

"During the cricket season, fans are in the mood for gamified experiences that add value to their match. They are waiting to be delighted. We picked up on the opportunity and used the best of our technology to create a campaign for Harvest Gold," said [mCanvas spokesperson].

(We got this information in a press release).

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