HerZindagi collaborates with FOGSI to create content around women's health and well being

This initiative aims to empower women of all age groups, with credible knowledge and health information.

Women’s health is one of the most important and overlooked health issues in the world. In India, inadequate menstrual hygiene could contribute to poor reproductive health. Restricted access to information, cultural taboos and social stigmas around women’s sexual and reproductive health have had a negative effect on the lives of millions of women and girls over decades. It is time that changed.

To tackle this worrying situation, HerZindagi, the women & lifestyle portal of Jagran New Media, is joining hands with Narikaa, an initiative by FOGSI ( The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India ). The aim of this collaboration is to custom create content around women health and well-being. With the launch of the micro-site “Naari Swaasth” women health issues will be openly and scientifically discussed. The micro-site is poised to be a platform for simple, concise articles in an easy-to-navigate platform, all vetted by a network of over 30,000 doctors working across India. This initiative aims to empower women of all age groups, with credible knowledge and health information. The initiative is bound to give credibility and authority to the brand- HerZindagi. With the backing of FOGSI, this initiative will look to clear the clutter in the maze of crowded and confusing content. Users as well as brands will see value in this health and education drive.

Talking about the initiative, Megha Mamgain, Head of & -Health & Lifestyle verticals of (Jagran New Media), said, “There are so many women who are ashamed of seeking out professional help when it comes to their sexual or reproductive health. As a result so many of them go to the internet for solutions. Sadly, what they get is wrong information, dangerous home remedies or fear. HerZindagi along with Narikaa, backed by FOGSI, wants to break this cycle of fear. Our ‘Naari Swaasth’ micro-site has been carefully designed with a content pipeline that comes at the back of thorough research and expertise of doctors. This is a safe space for women to navigate and take charge of their health and well-being.”

“The benefit of doing such a collaboration with a company like Jagran,” says Meenakshi Menon, Co-Founder of WayBeyond Media, “can have an impact not just on women and families from urban sectors, but even women from the rural areas of India.” She continues, “When you protect a woman or a girl’s health with the right information, she becomes productive within the community and society at large. She becomes an asset for the Indian economy.”

Emphasizing on the importance of this collaboration between Jagran & Waybeyond Media, FOGSI commented “The greatest unmet need in our society is women’s health. And this partnership is not just a major milestone in achieving our primary mission of reducing maternal mortality rate but also helps our other goals which aim to safeguard the health of every woman and child in India.”

(We got this information from a press release.)

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