Companies Initiates ‘The Good Mother Project’ - a Special Mother's Day Campaign

The Mother’s Day initiative will bring unconventional yet inspiring tales of motherhood that challenge the stereotype of over-worked and under-supported mothers., a leading women’s lifestyle & entertainment portal by Jagran New Media, launches ‘The Good Mother Project’ - a special initiative to celebrate motherhood ahead of Mother’s Day. This campaign seeks to challenge the glorification of self-sacrificing motherhood and shine a light on the stories of mothers who have not lost their identities, dreams, and goals even as they juggle responsibilities as caregivers, nurturers, and working professionals. truly believes in building positive momentum through these stories which in turn foster a world of equity, equality, and self-growth. This initiative is an ode to progressive womanhood that challenges set narratives and encourages many others with their lived experiences and inspiring journeys.

‘The Good Mother Project’ is an initiative that brings to light heart-warming narratives of real mothers and sparks conversations around societal expectations while beautifully highlighting the journey of a woman. The campaign, spanning two weeks, includes segmentation of content around 3 pillars, ‘The Flagbearers’ showcasing iconic contemporary mothers who are showing the new way of motherhood that is without sacrificing themselves, ‘Thought Provokers’ - a video series featuring strong women with strong opinions on identity and empowerment, and ‘Good Mothers’ an exclusive feature, profiling mothers who are balancing motherhood and selfhood.

Megha Mamgain, associate vice president for Content & Strategy, Health & Lifestyle, Jagran New Media, said, “As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we want to acknowledge that motherhood is a diverse and constantly evolving experience which should not necessarily mean sacrificing your careers, friendships, and individuality. We, at, want to celebrate mothers who have taken charge of their lives, pursued their passions, and challenged the notion that motherhood is synonymous with self-sacrifice. Our aim is to recognize the many ways in which mothers can rise in their power to be strong, independent, and fulfilled individuals.

We believe that motherhood is an individual experience, and there is no one-size-fits-all definition of what it means to be a good mother. Through the Good Mother Project, we aspire to create a community of women who can share their experiences, inspire each other, and celebrate the diversity of motherhood.”

A special concept video outlining the philosophy of The Good Mother Project, anchored by the Editorial Head, puts into perspective the unfair stereotypes and steep expectations that motherhood brings with it. The unique programming contains special short videos featuring ‘Flag-Bearers’ who are renowned celebrities including Alia Bhatt, Sudha Murthy, Vineeta Singh, and Neena Gupta, to name a few. Further, as part of content generation, a special ‘Thought Provokers’ video series has been curated with insightful and candid conversations featuring women from all walks of life including Avantika Bahuguna, Dr. Falguni Vasavada, Dr. Madhu Chopra, Poonam Mutreja, and Sucheta Pal.

(We got this information in a press release).

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