Hindustan Times’s Mother’s Day campaign salutes all the mothers standing tall in the face of adversity

"There is no role in life that is more essential than that of motherhood"

- Elder M. Russell Ballard

Hindustan Times has rolled out a heartfelt message echoing the above thought through a short film on the occasion of Mother's Day. Conceptualized by Dentsu, the film reminds viewers of the unsung contribution of mothers who are making unimaginable sacrifices and are still standing tall at the frontlines as first responders. While they face the inconceivable stress of leaving their children behind in a pandemic, we see them showing up and weathering this storm with a smile on their faces - as doctors, as nurses, as administrators, as journalists, as members of law enforcement squads, or volunteers who stepped up to ensure there is no shortage of food, oxygen & medicines for the affected ones.

Aparna Bhawal, vice president, marketing at Hindustan Times said, “While a Mother's strength is something that holds our families together day in and day out, their sacrifices during this pandemic have been monumental! We have been seeing so many stories of mothers staying away from their kids for weeks & even months and still give their best in their professional fields to save lives. We could think of no better occasion than Mother's Day to celebrate these stories and the contribution of mothers on the frontline along with all the frontline workers who are risking their lives so we can stay safe.”

Head to Hindustan Times YouTube Channel to watch the campaign here:

#HTSalutes is Hindustan Times’ editorial initiative under which Hindustan Times celebrates the stories of front line warriors who despite all the challenges step out and make things happen to save thousands of lives.

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(We got this information in a press release).

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