Hipi launches a musical collaboration with Palak Muchhal

Palak has teamed up with Pratiksha Deka and Supratip Bhattacharyar to create two musical duets.

Hipi has announced the release of two musical duets featuring the renowned playback singer Palak Muchhal and two Hipi creators.

She has joined forces with the winners of Hipi G.O.A.T. Season 2 to create musical magic that transcends boundaries and resonates with Indian and South Asian audiences globally.

‘Teri Meri Kahani’ brings together the distinctive vocal prowess of Palak Muchhal with the creativity of Supratip Bhattacharya. The second collaboration on the same song showcases Palak's versatility as she sings along with Pratiksha Deka. The track highlights the latter’s ability to adapt to diverse musical styles and also emphasises the boundless creativity that thrives within the Hipi community.

The release of these duets marks a significant milestone in the brand’s commitment to fostering alliances between established artists and emerging talents on its platform. The musical partnerships aim to provide an arena for creators to showcase their skills while offering users an immersive and engaging musical experience.

The duets will be available exclusively on the Hipi app.

GBS Bindra, chief business officer, Hipi, said, "I take immense pride in being a part of a venture that offers this unique opportunity. Our unwavering commitment to uplifting singing talent and providing a platform for emerging artists to gain nationwide recognition is exemplified by this collaboration. We are dedicated to celebrating young musical talents."

Hipi believes in offering contestants a chance to learn, grow and gain exposure in the world of music. It makes sure that the artists are getting a chance to collaborate with Bollywood’s A-listers. Hipi G.O.A.T. Season 1 winner Chirag Tomar shared a stage with Shilpa Rao during ZEE’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Finale. 

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