HistoryTV18’s Docuseries 'India: Marvels & Mysteries' returns with William Dalrymple

The series will start on January 4, 2024 with new episodes every Thursday and Friday at 9 pm.

HistoryTV18’s docuseries, India: Marvels & Mysteries returns in a brand new season, with noted Indophile and acclaimed author, William Dalrymple. The show explores historical sites, revisits cold trails and shines the light on unanswered questions about India’s incredible past and her many wonders.

The seven-part documentary series will offer new perspectives on mighty empires, characters from Indian history, the ancestors and their knowledge of complex phenomena. The series comprises half-hour thematic episodes, each with multiple stories that traverse the length and breadth of India, spanning millennia. 

Each episode promises dramatic recreations with actors in period costumes bringing to life amazing stories and untold histories behind India’s enigmatic structures. The storytelling strives to distinguish between legend and legacy, supported by a stellar cast of expert commentators, led by historian and world-famous author, William Dalrymple.

Speaking ahead of the show’s launch, Dalrymple commented, "History provides a road map by which we can understand where we stand in the present and how we got here. Without it we are lost. It was a huge pleasure to work with HistoryTV18 on this beautifully shot series and I can't wait to hear people's astonished reactions to some of the forgotten treasures we've dug up."

Travelling across the country, the show gives an account of some of the country’s greatest architectural wonders, as well as of historical locations whose past is shrouded in mystery. Expert insights provide the context and the modern-day significance of each story and the historical figures in them.

Arun Thapar, president- content & communication, AETN18, says, "We are absolutely thrilled to have William Dalrymple on the show. His perspectives and insights have been invaluable. Our association with a writer of Dalrymple’s calibre and renown, epitomises HistoryTV18’s commitment to great storytelling and world class content produced in India. 

He adds, "India: Marvels and Mysteries with William Dalrymple is a selection of compelling stories about the creative genius of ancient and medieval India, her great wealth of knowledge and the many wonders that have endured into the present. The show delves into history across empires and dynasties, populated with remarkable characters who played a part in shaping the story of India.”  

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