Housejoy launches its brand mascot ‘Joe’

Symbolizing its unique mix of human strength and technology.

Housejoy, a leading tech-driven Construction, Renovation, Interiors and Home Maintenance company catering to all home-related needs of Indian consumers, recently unveiled its brand mascot Joe. The mascot is a juxtaposition of human and technology – a superhero with super skills – as also an intelligent play on latter half of the brand name.

Joe will be Housejoy’s unifying factor across its two separate verticals and 20+ services and enable seamless and out-of-the-box communication and brand messaging, further resulting in better ROI. He embodies the common man who despite his unique and rare attributes is still perceived to be ordinary, just like the daily workers who are the true contributors to our economy. In a country like India, it is the workers including carpenters, plumbers, etc. who keep things moving and are no average Joe.

Housejoy launches its brand mascot ‘Joe’

Speaking about this, Sanchit Gaurav, Founder and CEO, Housejoy, said, “Housejoy’s business is built on the expertise of working-class heroes like plumbers, construction workers, beauticians, and several others. We wanted a mascot who embodies their skills and eagerness to help on the one hand and Housejoy’s tech-enabled services on the other. This is how Joe came into being. With Joe as our mascot, not only will our messaging be more targeted but also enable a top-of-mind recall for our services. The mascot will also help improve engagement and make Housejoy the go-to brand for any maintenance or construction needs.”

Alongside the launch of Joe, Housejoy has also given its logo a new identity to represent the brand ideology of being ‘home of the experts.’ The home symbolizes all the services the brand undertakes including construction, renovation, interiors. The circle represents Housejoy’s constant presence. The logo also has derivatives of the color red which is considered powerful, energetic, and passionate, representing the pulse of the company.