How Stylam Industries’ ‘Kuch Nahi Dikhega’ promo for their Anti Fingerprint Laminate became the MOST VISIBLE promo during IPL 2020

In a partnership made in heaven, Stylam Industries and Kings XI Punjab reached out to the masses with a unique campaign, #KuchNahiDikhega, for their new product launch.

Stylam’s Career Summary

Stylam Industries made its debut by manufacturing luxury decorative laminated sheets for both residential and industrial applications. Based on their 5 core tenets of Design, Performance, Service, Community and Sustainability, they’ve combined industrious effort and wide experience to establish themselves as industry leaders.

The Product – a complete all-rounder

Its latest product – the TouchMe Anti-Fingerprint Laminate – might be the most incredible and important innings in Stylam’s career so far. No matter how many hands touch the surface, or how many times the laminate is exposed to scratches, you won’t find a trace of it. This means less wear and tear in the long run and freedom from getting it cleaned regularly. The laminate has a super matte finish and feels soft to touch, which means it looks stylish, premium and is easy to maintain. It also has thermal healing capabilities – so it’s never going to look old from the outside, or disintegrate from the inside. No more unpleasant smell, no more unwanted stains.

The Target – objectives

Promote and create awareness about Anti Fingerprint Laminates

Engage with the viewers supporting Kings XI Punjab

Convert this campaign into a further interest in the product

The Gameplan

Given its key utility, the product was launched with the promise of #KuchNahiDikhega, in association with Kings XI Punjab. The idea behind this was to tell cricket fans that they wouldn’t find any weaknesses or poor play while Punjab was playing – like how they wouldn’t find fingerprints on the TouchMe Anti-Fingerprint Laminate. Needless to say, the campaign was a big success aur fans ko ye campaign ke alawa aur kuch nahi dikha! It also led to some interesting comments and support from the audiences.

(We got this information in a press release).