HT Smartcast X Mint PodMasters Awards elevate the Indian podcasting scene

HT Smartcast, HT Media’s podcast arm, partners with IVM Podcasts, Ideabrew Studios, WYN Studio, Hubhopper, and MnM Talkies.

HT Smartcast x Mint has announced the PodMasters Conclave & Awards. It is a unique event where celebrities, experts and industry professionals from all over India come together to define the future of this new-age medium for the first time, especially by recognising the efforts of creators.  

Podcasters stand a chance to win big at the PodMasters Awards Ceremony. Check if the podcast meets the eligibility criteria and nominate it. From business, news, fiction, society and culture to sports, arts and erotica - there are 20 diverse categories to choose from. 

The partner companies produce, curate and promote podcasts that aim to inform, educate, entertain and empower their listeners. Notably, they resonate with audiences across the length and breadth of India. 

These principles also extend to how the jury for this event has been selected. The jury consists of industry veterans such as Kavita Rajwade from IVM Podcasts, Sreeraman Thyagrajan from, Mae Thomas from Maed In India, Gautam Raj Anand from Hubhopper, Roshan Abbas from Kommune, Sonal Kalra from HT, Bijay Gautam from WYN Studio, Varun Duggirala from EMoMee and more. 

Ramesh Menon, CEO, Fever Network says, “Podcasting as an industry is at that tipping point and a breakout is imminent. To get to scale in any industry, one needs to unselfishly bring all the stakeholders together on one platform so that sincere and authentic conversations can be initiated about all that's important to grow the industry. The Podmasters Conclave & Awards is our attempt to create such a forum.”

“We kick off the event with the most important stakeholders of them all- its creators. We are calling podcast hosts, producers, editors and writers to nominate their podcasts for the HT Smartcast X Mint Podmasters Awards, get national recognition for their work”, he added.

“The podcasting space has evolved and grown since its indie days to truly being mainstream in today’s media landscape and these awards are a testament of the space maturing and growing. And the best part is, it’s only just getting started”, adds Varun Duggirala, co-founder, EMoMee and podcast host of Take A Pause and Advertising Is Dead

Few things to consider before nominating a podcast are- It must have at least 7 episodes and the latest episode should have been released in 2023. YouTube links won't be accepted. The link has to be to a podcasting streaming audio platform. Each podcast submitted must be an original creation. One podcast can be considered for only one category of awards and cannot be nominated in multiple categories.

(We got this information in a press release.)

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