I am a man and I buy pads for the women I care about: Vikas Bagaria

Raho Safe's new campaign #menbuypads aims at breaking the taboo around men buying sanitary pads.

Raho Safe, the sister concern of India’s leading hygiene and wellness brand, Pee Safe, recently launched a campaign aimed at breaking the taboo around men buying sanitary pads. Trending on Instagram as #menbuypads, the campaign focuses on how sanitary pads are just like any other item on a shopping list. Well-known influencers such as Rannvijay Singha (3.6 M Followers), Angad Bedi (490K Followers), Karan Wahi (2.7 M Followers), Mohit Malhotra (200 K Followers) and many more have associated with Raho Safe for the campaign.

Menstrual hygiene and sanitation are not just a woman’s problem. They have a huge bearing on many other aspects and therefore, need adequate attention on all fronts. Raho Safe’s campaign addresses this in a quirky manner, in a way that would appeal to Gen Z. The idea is to take forward the brand’s motto of removing the mental block around hiding sanitary pads inside a newspaper or black bag, especially when men buy them and enable the transition from ‘Men Can Buy Pads’ to #menbuypads.

Speaking about this, Vikas Bagaria, Founder, Raho Safe said, “Ever since I started both Pee Safe and Raho Safe, I have dreamt of the day when women in our country will have access to good and high-quality sanitary pads. I work towards this goal every single day. I am also proud to say that I am not ashamed to procure, provide, and buy pads. With Raho Safe, not only do women get access to high-quality sanitary pads but also those that are affordable and sustainable for the environment. I am a man and I buy pads for the women I care about. Do you?”

According to the reports by the National Family Health Survey nearly 336 million women are menstruating in India and only about 121 million (roughly 42%) are using sanitary napkins, locally or commercially produced. Even though India has made great strides in addressing the taboo against menstruation and ensuring access to sanitary pads to those who cannot afford them; a lot still needs to be done.

(We got this information in a press release).

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