I AM LOVE: Your daily dose of Health & Nutrition

In the recently released video, the founder & CEO is seen sharing her journey and the brand’s objective.

Taking care of your skin has always been a hassle, and brands have long promoted topical remedies! I AM LOVE, the homegrown Nutraceutical Health and Skincare Brand, is changing the spectrum with its proven, honest and Doctor-approved organic supplements. From acne breakouts to pigmentation to oily skin, I AM LOVE aims at offering a tangible solution to all skin related problems with its daily dose of skin engineering.

The brand recently launched a video featuring the Founder and CEO, Shilpa Rathi.

Shilpa Rathi, the founder and CEO, suffered from acne into her late twenties and after her first pregnancy. In the video, she discusses her experience and battle with acne and skin issues. Shilpa tried several products and attended a few doctors, but she could not resolve her skin issues. Throughout the video, she discusses the importance of addressing skin problems from the inside and falling in love with the radiance that comes from within.

Having tried every topical remedy imaginable, from creams to serums and turning to prescription medicines, Shilpa decided to launch her own company alongside her elder brother & I AM LOVE co-founder Gaurav Rathi. The brand's goal is to address issues at their source and deliver a long-term, healthy and effective remedy to acne rather than a quick fix. To assist its consumers, it focuses on dynamic health and skin solutions.

At I AM LOVE, Shilpa Rathi, founder & CEO, shares, “I know the troubles and pain one has to endure to get acne-free skin. I had tried every topical treatment possible, but nothing worked. I, then, decided to find a permanent solution, and that’s how I AM LOVE was born to tackle skin issues with clean, safe and long term remedies that work wonders on the inside!”

Shilpa feels that having a healthy body and skin is only achievable if one is healthy on the inside. The firm is now concentrating on producing skin and health care products that address numerous issues and function from within our bodies.

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