IAN backed Wizikey launches news desk for credible sources on COVID-19

There is a mountain of information on Covid 19 that people are sifting through. IAN backed Wizikey, Asia’s first PR and communication SaaS platform, has launched a new desk which compiles all the news coming from the credible news sources at one place.

The new desk launched by wizikey uses the data-driven algorithm and collects the data from all the credible news sources and compiles it into one place. The latest data on Wizikey’s newly launched dashboard states that almost 51% of the news created in the last one month was around coronavirus, it also states that almost 29% news created in the last one month has words related to coronavirus in the headline.

IAN backed Wizikey launches news desk for credible sources on COVID-19

The data-driven dashboard tells about the mentions of the coronavirus in the credible news article and also in news headline which helps in measuring media occupancy on coronavirus in the media ecosystem. The dashboard also lists all the engaged authors who are constantly writing on coronavirus to spread the awareness, regular updates on the severity of the pandemic and its impact on various industries.

Anshul Sushil, Co-Founder and CEO of Wizikey shares, “We know that there is a lot of fake news revolving around on this sensitive topic which is misleading people. There is an avalanche of information on google and hoaxes are being shared widely online as people seek reliable information on the coronavirus crisis. We want to provide a legitimate source to people for news on Corona from credible news sources at one place.”

The dashboard also compiles all the engaged journalists that been constantly writing on coronavirus which helps various brands to filter whom to reach out for their brand communications during this crisis time.

The creation of a coronavirus dashboard is Wizikey’s efforts towards creating an informed society so that everyone can get credible news on the Covid-19 pandemic. It is very important in times like these to make yourselves aware of the necessary relevant information and also helps in tackling fake news.

(We got this information in a press release.)