India TV to air new episodes of Aap Ki Adalat soon

Rajat Sharma hosts two flagship shows, Aap Ki Adalat on weekends and Aaj Ki Baat at prime time on weekdays.

Rajat Sharma announced that new episodes of Aap Ki Adalat will be on air soon at a recent event held by the channel to celebrate a viewership milestone.

India TV's Aap Ki Adalat, a courtroom-room-style interview program has been the longest-running Tv show, since its inception in 1993. Prime ministers, statesmen, political leaders, film stars, singers and godmen have been grilled in Aap Ki Adalat for the last 29 years. Aaj Ki Baat, at prime time every night analyses the day’s events and has been an influencer amongst politicians, judges, social workers, and other top personalities.

“In work and in life there are going to be times you’ll believe in something that’s unpopular, and you’re going to be called on to defend that choice. Too many times, people look and turn around to see what others think first and make their choice based on that. At India TV, we have never been afraid of speaking our minds and have never sought legitimacy from any vested interest. If there is something which can benefit our viewers and people at large, we go for it. That’s our primary benchmark” said Rajat Sharma, while addressing the staff.

"Keep following your instincts with courage and conviction. Obstacles are meant to be conquered and risks are meant to be taken. There are no shortcuts. India Tv’s glorious journey is a shining example of this spirit”, said Ritu Dhawan at the party. At India TV, the credo has been “Shor Kam Khabar Zyaada” (less noise, more news), and the channel’s No.1 position is no surprise. In fact, India TV has been a pioneer and trendsetter in the news TV industry for the last 18 years.

(We got this information in a press release).

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