Innocean India embarks on transformation to Innocean 2.0

The communications company in India, celebrating its 18th Global Foundation Day this May.

Innocean India Unveils Ambitious Transformation to Innocean 2.0 on Its 18th Global Foundation Day.

Innocean India, a leading marketing communications company in India, is thrilled to celebrate its 18th Global Foundation Day this May, marking a significant milestone in its journey. With the belief that turning 18 is the perfect time to accelerate and embrace digital transformation, Innocean India is embarking on an ambitious path to evolve to Innocean 2.0.

Traditionally recognized as the agency for Hyundai, Kia, and various non-auto clients, Innocean India is now charting a future direction centred around CDM – Creative & Content, Digital & Data, Meta, and Mobility. Embracing a Digital-first approach, the company aims to leverage new technologies and emerging trends to enhance its competitiveness in the Indian market. The evolution to Innocean 2.0 will be driven by a focus on high-skill talent, streamlined processes, and innovative products, with the ultimate objective of providing integrated solutions that overcome business challenges and achieve goals, going beyond mere advertising services.

As a Digital-first organization, Innocean India recognizes the importance of equipping clients with in-depth understanding of data and trends, enabling them to deliver unique customer and brand experiences.

Hak No Yun, managing director at Innocean India, expressed the company's vision of becoming a world-class marketing communications company and its commitment to investing in the future to grow clients' businesses. On the occasion of Innocean's 18th Global Foundation Day, he shared that a digital transformation in work processes would be implemented as part of the surge towards Innocean 2.0.

Santosh Kumar, the COO of Innocean India, emphasized the need to be future-ready and shape the future in the rapidly evolving dynamics of communication and media. “Innocean India eagerly embraces change and welcomes the transformation to Innocean 2.0”, he commented.

In its pursuit of Innocean 2.0, the agency will be actively hiring high-skill talent across various functions. Santosh Kumar emphasized the importance of high-skill talent in achieving the agency's goals and elevating client satisfaction to new heights. Innocean India aims to empower its employees through advanced training and inculcate industry best practices to foster growth together. With its ambitious transformation to Innocean 2.0, Innocean India is poised to redefine the marketing communications landscape in India and continue delivering exceptional value and results for its clients.

(We got this information in a press release).

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