Inshorts app, in collaboration with Philips air purifiers, urges the public to #BreatheAgain

The brand campaign is primarily aimed at raising meaningful conversations about the critical situation of India’s air pollution level.

Inshorts, English News App, in partnership with Philips air purifiers, has launched an engaging campaign on its app for awareness about the increasing air pollution. Aimed to create awareness about the hazarding effects of air pollution which is globally the fourth highest cause of death (as per the State of Global Air Report 2020), the campaign conceptualized by the creative team at Inshorts seamlessly integrated the brand messaging with the content on the app. With a perfect mix of facts and insights combined with the amazingly designed Video Stories, Digital Magazines, Fact Cards, the product use cases got perfectly communicated through the contextual issue at hand thereby creating an unmatched contextual brand integration. The campaign received an overwhelming response and gathered the attention of the mass owing to its compelling nature.

The brand campaign is primarily aimed at raising meaningful conversations about the critical situation of India’s air pollution level. The concept was to utilise the hard hitting facts and intriguing designs to speak to the conscience of the audience to make them aware of the reality. The team made artful designs capturing the whole screen of the smartphone utilizing Rich Media to encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content. The campaign, executed through multiple formats to engage the audience, uses graphic tools such as video stories, digital magazines, quiz, animated magazines and fact cards. It covers multiple aspects like Impact of Air Pollution, State of Global Air, Finding Solutions, Did You Know and more such engagements.

Speaking about innovation in the ad tech space, Piyush Thakur, National Sales Head at Inshorts said, “The fast-changing ad tech space allows brands to experiment with unique ad formats. With the constant rise in air pollution levels and the surge in cases of respiratory diseases, it is essential to create much needed awareness amongst our readers about air pollution. We are pleased to partner with Philips for this campaign that communicates the brand message to the target audience in a non-intrusive and engaging way.”

Armed with strong user behaviour insights combined with creativity and adtech innovation, Inshorts has carved a niche for itself in the digital advertising space with engaging ad formats like Motion Story, Digital Magazine, Videos story and gesture controlled ads. Today Inshorts delivers industry best results for over 500+ leading brands like Netflix, Samsung GSK, Zee5, Dell, Cadbury, Volkswagen etc.

(We got this information in a press release.)

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