‘Iss Dosti Mein Hai Kuch Khaas’, always remain Pass Pass

The new video on friendship day by Pass Pass, amplifies the spirit of Friendship.

To celebrate the closest of all relations, ‘Friendship’, ‘Pass Pass’, The Fun Mouth Freshener has launched a new campaign ‘Iss Dosti Mein Hai Kuch Khaas’. The video highlights the brand value of Pass Pass, the closeness & togetherness; the value of human relationships and their warmth. ‘Iss Dosti Mein Hai Kuch Khaas’, deep dives into friendships formed in with different people in and outside our family. A bond with ‘In-Laws’ or between an ‘Aunt & Niece’, ‘Uncle & Nephew’, with ‘Neighbours’ or with a person whom we meet daily, like our favorite tea stall owner. These friendships are a source of love, comfort and support. This short video shows the value of closeness of heart, by reliving the memories of relationships at a time when social distancing is essential. The story line is based on ‘Door se he sahi, is saal manate hain dosti dil ki nazdeekiyon se.’

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Arvind Kumar, Jt. General Manager, Marketing, Confectionary said, “The philosophy of our brand inspires togetherness. With ‘Iss Dosti Mein Hai Kuch Khaas’, we celebrate the spirit of unconventional ‘Friendships’ that we forge within our families and with people around us. These are created from a sharing of moments, the closeness, which is truly a bond like no other and needs to be valued.”

The video opens with a beautiful melodic track, weaving the bonds of ‘friendship’, as it moves on from one relationship to the other. It is also a reminder that the finding true friends are valuable gifts that are always there for you and these have to be cherished at all times.

‘Raho Hamesha Pass Pass’, the positioning line of the brand Pass Pass is all about sharing and togetherness accentuating human relations, their warmth and closeness. The brand celebrates the lovingness of relationships and their memories.